Does your mobile app win your customers?

Too many smartphones, so are apps on every device. With the increasing level of mobile users expectations, it becomes a great challenge for testing various quality criteria from functional to human interface guidelines and User eXperience. We accept the challenge!

Mobile Testing Service


Enough of taps and saying, this works and this doesn't work which we call it as checking; let us test now which speaks about open-ended investigation activity which our brains can do very well. By saying enough of checking, we are emphasizing on the importance of testing for mobile apps instead of mere checking which doesn't require ONLY engineers. We know how to test pickers, tabs, switches, dialogs etc. We love to go more deeper as we believe that that gives us happiness and treasure! We at Test Insane focus on learning to test mobile apps in a better way which sets us apart from the rest of the world who test mobile apps.


  • Memory leakages
  • Automate checks
  • Human Interface Tests
  • Design Principles Tests
  • Crash tests, Bandwidth related tests
  • Debugging & Analyzing the logs
  • Screen resolution tests
  • Mobile security tests
  • API / SOA Tests
  • Cross platform cross devices tests
  • Architectural failures and MORE


  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows
  • iPad / iPad Mini
  • Android Tablet
  • Windows Tablet

Review analysis on Play Store and App Store

If your app is on Android Marketplace or AppStore and your users are providing reviews, then its important that you need to listen to them. However, the challenge is there may be thousands or millions of reviews for your app and you are not in a position to segregate the issues faced by your users. Now, that's no more a problem; we have a solution. We use our in-house tool which helps us in identifying the issues that are faced by your users in few minutes or seconds based on the number of reviews. We do not take months or days for this activity. We use our tool to help us give insights into the mobile app reviews by your customers. This data is again used by us in testing activity for the next releases or new app release.

Mobile Automation

Mobile is a very immature area when it comes to automation, however; but that's not an excuse. We have explored various automation tools like monkey, monkey runner, monkey talk, appium and what not. We did this to evaluate the tools on various attributes like pros and cons. So, we are already in a better position to tell you which tool suits our needs to automate your mobile app. We have cracked the hard nut and we help you make a faster progress in deploying your app to the AppStore or Play Store. To summarize, even we get involved in developing automation plug-ins for the available tools for in-house mobile app testers who could add value to our customers. Record and Playback is a cakewalk for us while we want to get more deeper in order to do a robust automation for your mobile apps. Speak to us to know more.