You don't want users to abandon your app. Do you?

Your users will not like your software if its not easy to use and lacks usability principles. We use mental modeling, heuristic based evaluation for usability testing to empower your software.

Usability Testing Services


Gone are the days when a software had only one feature or few handful features and end-users did not expect much. Today, the new generation users expect a lot from a software despite functionally working software. We believe that usability is one of the crucial quality attribute that helps you achieve your business goals as you would have more users using your software. More users equals to more business!

Our Usability Philosophy

  • Usability is NOT what an individual alone thinks.
  • Understanding and using psychology helps in designing better systems.
  • Understand your target audience and tweak the system.
  • Thinking is never boring for us, we dig deeper to serve our customers better.
  • Usability is not a ready-made soup, it needs to be tailored well to suit the context.
  • We understand your efforts in developing the software, so we insist usability testing.
  • Usability Testing is easy? Are you kidding us? It is not! Its challenging for us.
  • Usability guidelines exist, but it is beyond them. Its a journey that has no end.



Mental Modeling

We are great fans of Mental Modeling technique which helps us in testing for usability by tweaking our brains to an extent which makes us near to various kinds of users. It is very easy to be biased, but we have trained ourselves to control them very well. Its like training our brain to control biases and do great testing which helps our customers. Every brain is unique and every user is unique in terms of using the software and we believe that there are no user errors, but can make the software better based on analytics data or heatmaps data or any source that tells the user behavior about using the software.

Usability Guidelines

While there are guidelines or usability principles framed by various experts like Nielsen, Don Norman and others; we never stop questioning those to see if it suits our context and helps our customers. We are avid readers of articles on usability written by Jakob Nielsen and many other well known authors. We couple their ideas along with our ideas so that we have a powerful combo of usability tests to do for the software of our customers. Like a guide helps you with the information, the journey needs to be carried on by individual himself; even usability guidelines are like that in our case. We see the guidelines as checklist while we brainstorm on usability test ideas which we consider as the journey which we decide on based on the software, industry, target audience and lot more attributes.

Heuristic Evaluation

We love to do this because it showcases a lot of problems which one tester cannot find alone. We include multiple usability testers so that we get insight through multiple perspectives. Different brains, different thinking and collectively we get to know the problems which matter to our customers or end-users of our customers.

Analytics, Heatmaps & more crazy ways

Analytics data gives a lot of vital information about the usage. When we speak about usage, it could be web-pages visited by users at various timeline, the user flows from page A to page B, errors and what not. We believe that testers can use analytics data to generate tests and learn the psychological behavior of the target audience of the application under test.

We love heatmaps as much as our soldiers in the borders who use night goggles to track the enemy and shoot them. Using heatmaps in web application helps us to identify your users are interacting with the user interface. Whether the red color for offer or discounted price is attracting them or they are just not able to notice it? Many answers to such questions can be answered by analysing the heatmaps.

We do lots of crazy stuff, lets work together? Contact us.