What makes us unique?

So many testing services companies in the world and why do you need Test Insane? We want to be your testing partner and not vendor!


We do not want to just do the typical testing work that is done in most of the organizations. We consider everything and anything to test the software better for our customers. We choose skills over jargons that most of the services companies speak about. We use words to communicate while we use skills to demonstrate the value through our work. Value needs to be seen by our customers, only then we add value. If we fail to do so; then there is no value addition. We love to take the feedback right on our face and change things quickly to make progress.


  • Are we adding value through this activity?
  • How does this help our customer?
  • Are we solving the problems of our customers?
  • Are we helping our customer to achieve their business goals?
  • Is this something that the customer asked for?
  • Are we being distracted by the testing goals?
  • And many more such questions which help us do our work better!
  • This is what gives us immense satisfaction.

What makes us special?

  • Award winning exploratory testers.
  • Hard-core software developers.
  • Passionate automation programmers.
  • Open source testing tool developers.
  • Speakers at Software Testing / Quality Assurance Conferences.
  • International Speakers on Software Testing.
  • Lastly, a bunch of super cool humans who make a great team!



Test Insane has lovers of web applications and mobile apps. Be it tinkering with POST DATA request and finding the bugs for your web app or be it using monkey runner to add value via check automation, Test Insane is equipped with technical skills which matters to every software that is under test. This is just an example. In order to know more, lets take it over an e-mail or a call. Write to us at sales@testinsane.com.