What is it like to work at Test Insane?

At Test Insane, it is not a question about cigar, beer, dart board, fun at work or anything else! It is about "BEING YOU".



Test Insane Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2014 with its headquarters at Bengaluru, Karnataka (India) with the intention of delivering high value with highly skilled software testers and software developers who work together to test better. Test Insane specializes in Exploratory Testing approach.


Apart from dart board, remote controlled helicopter, playstation, video games etc. we have fun in our core work which is software testing. We love computers so much that we keep working on it and that's the fun for us. We do not need a separate fun when our work seduces us and that's the pleasure part for us. There have been times where our team has been up till late nights, not to finish the work; but test more and more to add great value. As we have passionate test team, we give less importance to billing and more importance to fun which is testing. We do not want to say, we work only for 8 hours! Anyhow, what’s the fun in 8 hours?

In addition to testing services, Test Insane also contributes to Open Source community through development of test tools, micro-services, mind-maps repository and more. Giving to the testing community is something that is considered important at Test Insane.

Work from home - We love context in everything!

We are quite flexible when it comes to “work from home” option for our team members. What matters to us is, deliverable and great work. It really doesn't matter to us if a team member takes work from home option some days or many days based on the project context. However, our team members always love to work with other team members because its a lovely culture that we have set in. We love to support our team members while they understand their responsibilities towards our customers and their team members at our startup.

Perks - We make profits, we INVEST THEM BACK!

We give out movie tickets, order pizza, sprouts, beer, air tickets for vacation or fresh fruit juices. We need not be millionaire or billionaire to give perks to our team members. Well, we have different flavors of wine, whisky at our premises. We are not against alcohol in our premises. What matters to us is, you can have alcohol but behave well with everyone! If you don't then we may restrict it for you based on the context. Saying Beer is cool, however; we also love to provide fresh fruit juices if you are very much health conscious. Whatever makes you feel good, you will get it and that's what makes Test Insane “Insane!”.

Dress Code

We are cool as long as you are cool! We have dress code and that is to wear whatever makes you comfortable! We wear what we feel like. Be it coming in shorts, be it coming in cool tees or pirate look. We don't care as far as you smell good and it doesn't affect the overall environment at Test Insane. Last, but not least; we believe that one can be productive if they are comfortable in their attire.

ATTITUDE - Live and let live!

We treat humans as humans and we do not believe in the philosophy of, "Respect must be earned" because by default every human being has to be respected if you are human being. And we treat every person at Test Insane in a very well mannered behavior. We have zero tolerance of misbehavior and hate those people who pull down others for whatsoever reasons. We are into business, let us do business while we keep all shit outside Test Insane.