Want to make a faster progress?

Being in business, we understand the importance of going live on perfect time! We want to help you by automating the tests based on the context & help you move faster.

Test Automation Services


We love to employ computers in automating the checks which they are awesome at. We want to utilize the power of computers in automation while we test the application using our brain which speaks about open-ended investigation activity which computers cannot do unless artificial intelligence is injected for a specific task and again it is nowhere equivalent to our brains which test. We love automation as it adds value in various contexts like regression testing, build health checks, unit testing, sanity testing & any context that may demand automation testing.


Regression Testing

You are building a software and it goes under lots of changes frequently.
Your software has lots of features and after some months of time, you are planning to add more features or tweak existing features.
You already have a software, but you are migrating the technology platform from one to another while UI elements remain same.
You are not aware of future, but you have a gut-feeling that you would grow your software much bigger.

Be it any reason, Test Insane offers blended automation testing services which suits your context. We just don't build some automation suite, but take care of Contrinuous Integration Delivery for you and that's what completes the automation cycle and helps in meeting the goals of automation for your software in terms of time, efforts which in turn helps you to make better informed decisions. We are bored of sloppy, buggy automation implementations; we see automation as developing a new software which requires coding standards, code / script optimization skills and more.

Build Health Checks

Your engineering team releases builds very frequently like 1 build per day or 2 builds per day.

You don't want human intervention for doing checks, but tests.

You want to save time of your testers by automating the build health checks before it goes to tester for testing.

You want your development and testing to make faster progress by cutting the unnecessary noise.

Talk to us about your pain points and we come up with a custom solution as we believe that, for every customer and every context; there are unique or different solutions and we help you bridge the gap.


Test Automation Suites

We love to create batch scripts or suites and integrate them with the every build release which speaks about Continuous Integration and finally generate a report for every test run for every build release thereby saving the time for testing and also saving the costs that you would spend on testing if you had not implemented the automation testing.

Web Automation Tools

Like Marshall McLuhan says, "A fool with a tool is still a fool" and we are the team who understand this better than anyone through our experiences. It is not a big task for us to master any tool as we have automation mind-set and bring in the developer skills. Its all about syntax of a specific programming and automation tools bring in limited set of syntax compared to any hard-core programming language, we would say; its a cake-walk for us while we see the challenges in building the blue-print of automation framework before we start writing the code / script using any tool like Selenium or Sahi or Ranorex or any other open source or freeware. Having said this, we also take the challenge to develop our own automation framework if your software needs custom made automation suite as the existing tools in the market doesn't meet the needs of automation for your software.

Other Automation Testing Services

API Automation / SOA Testing
Quick automation of checks using web browser plug-in(s)
Record and Playback

We don't automate for namesake, but to derive value!