Newbie testers express their Testing Experience at Test Insane

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2 Newbie Testers joined Test Insane and it is less than a month, but we wanted to know their experience in learning to test till date. Pranav KS and Sandeep Hiremath speak about their experience in testing and here we go!

What does Pranav say about his testing experience till date?

I am Pranav; a newbie at Test Insane, my experience till now with Test Insane is awesome and cool. It was pretty different from other company which makes it insane. During my initial week of testing, I found it little difficult but as days passed I was gaining more comfort by learning the process from other team members.

One of the thing which I like the most is, tip of the day on software testing by Santhosh Tuppad. It really drives me to do crazy things. I am learning software testing in an insane way by creating mind map and I also Sandeep and Satish Discussing Testingenhance my testing skills using the mind-map repository of Test Insane.

Day by day I am improving my testing skills; I am learning new tools and by getting to know about new methodologies. I have also attended a webinar on automation of web application testing using selenium and I am learning how to create a framework for testing using selenium.

From my first few weeks of work experience with Test Insane I am confident that I would be a better tester in 1 year from now, exploring undiscovered areas in testing.

What does Freakish Tester (Sandeep Hiremath) say about his testing experience till date?

Hello, I am Sandeep Hiremath a.k.a Freakish Tester. I am one of the Team members at Test Insane and I feel very much proud on that. I am getting coached by Santhosh Tuppad. In my earlier days at Test Insane I have been trained on some basic skills like English Grammar, E-mail Etiquette, Creating Mind Maps and writing blogs. In the next stage of training I have been trained on Bug Reporting, Investigating, Bug Advocacy and Testing. It took some time for me to cope with but now I am pretty confident that I am writing good bug reports. I thank my coach for that.

My first project at Test Insane: I was scared; I didn’t know how to test, what to test, how to prepare the bug report. My coach taught me about what to do and how to do. First of all he told me there is nothing to get scared about, just prepare the bug report in your style. That moment I realized when we are fearless we can be more productive and I got confidence on myself. I started reporting my bugs and I got good feedback on my bug reports. I am practicing more to become better.

Sandeep Hiremath at StarbucksFocus and Practice are the two important factors to master any skill; this is what I learned at Test Insane. I am upgrading my skills; I practice whatever I learn while working, which helps me to master the skills. I am learning automation, I am learning coding and I feel like a pro techie. Learning is fun at Test Insane. We discuss things / topics over a chilled beer, pizza, juice, green tea etc. I feel like a rock-star at office. I am very happy that I can be myself at my work place.

Interesting things at Test Insane: Pizzas, Drinks, Fun, Discussions, Learning, Sharing knowledge, Helping others to grow, Working as a team, and Freedom. We have an electronics lab where we develop robots; we have dart-board, remote controlled helicopter and lots more interesting things. I forget the outside world when I am at office as its really cool place to work and learn.

Monthly meetups / workshops happen at Test Insane. The meetups / workshops are about Testing. You can learn, discuss, meet new people, and you can share your thoughts over a pizza, beer, coffee, tea, juice ☺ I love these meet ups and workshops, if you want be the part of an upcoming meet up or workshop please visit and register yourself to feel the Insanity.

Santhosh Tuppad: The important question that I always ask my team members is, “Are you happy?” And I ask this a lot of times. Its a mental health-check that I do so that we have great energy filled when we are at our workplace. And if there are any issues with the happiness part, I try to help them resolve it as soon as possible. I wish these two newbie testers a  great journey in testing.

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    How do I join the workshop with you people, can any one help me out. I heard so many good things about you guys and eagerly want to join at least once for the workshop.

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