A fresh mind joins Test Insane to help it grow insanely!

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Pranav KS is our new team member who joins us to add value to our team. The beautiful point about Pranav is, he spoke about his technical experiences related to web apps and mobile apps, and that was found as very impressive by me (Santhosh Tuppad). Let him speak for himself while we interview him here on our blog.

Please introduce yourself

Hi! I am Pranav. I am from a vibrant town called Salem, Tamil Nadu where I completed all my schooling and graduation. I did my schooling in a renowned school, Golden Gates and I am a computer science graduate. My dad is an enthusiastic business man running a readymade garment Pranav KS Joins Test Insane Technologiesshowroom in Salem.  Mom also involved in same business. I have one elder sister working as software tester in a leading MNC  . I like practical learning than theoretical so my mark in practical exam were much higher than theory. I started my career as a technical recruiter in a CMM Level 5 company though the job was interesting it was not my passion because I felt that there was less learning in the job and it was a night shift which didn’t suit me. My sister job nature as a tester inspired me to this testing field.

Why were you interested to join Test Insane while you could have got good paying job elsewhere?
Testinsane is an innovative concern, catering to my passion testing. Money is vital but freedom and passion matter the most for me. In TestInsane I get to learn many interesting things of my passion. In TestInsane, the work atmosphere is very friendly and cordial and I never feel that I am doing something difficult. I get a feeling that I am sitting in front of desktop in my home. TestInsane is filled with many young and innovative minds which make me feel energetic. So  TestInsane is the right place for me.

What are your hobbies?
I love to play mobile games were I can learn many things such as Cisco NetInvader. I love to  travel and explore different parts of the world . I like to read tech news and keep myself updated about latest technologies and I also love to play table tennis with friends.
How do you know Software Testing is your passion?
Since my childhood I love to meddle with things for instance when I was a child I repaired a digital clock just my removing it parts and doing some changes without knowing the exact functioning of the clock fortunately the clock starting working so I feel  testing is my passion which is similar to meddling with software. While testing something I never get bored I feel like I am playing table tennis. Testing sound very interesting to me so it my passion.

While we and you know money is important, do you think money can hold you back from doing what you love to?
Yes money is important to fulfill by day to day needs but happiness is more important there is quote “Money has never made man happy”. Money can never stop me from doing things what I love because it doesn’t give me happiness and satisfaction.
In 1 year from now, how do you see yourself as a software tester?
In 1 year from now I see myself as an expert well versed in testing. I like to see myself presenting international conference in software testing, around the world. I would also like to give a new dimension to testing field, unexplored by others.

What do you love about Test Insane? Is there anything that you hate about Test Insane?
I love the work environment of test insane it is pretty unusual which make it insane . At TestInsane, I am given the freedom to take decision and there are no hard and fast rules, rankings etc. the methodologies in TestInsane are unique which I love very much. There is nothing I hate about TestInsane.

How do you feel about other team members at Test Insane? How do they treat you?
They are very friendly and cordially always there to guide me and help me out.  They don’t show any seniority and they give equal importance to everyone.

What does your gut-feeling communicate about you leaving Test Insane? When do you plan to leave if you already have a date in mind? If not, why do you feel you will not quit Test Insane?
Doing what I want to do I would never think of leaving TestInsane such a thought hasn’t come to my mind. Exploiting the field I love without any restriction is the reason behind me not leaving TestInsane. I look TestInsane as a gold mine which would take me places and achieve new heights together as a team

Few words about “Our Founder – Santhosh Tuppad”?
Santhosh Tuppad looks at the world in a different dimension. For instance my interview with him at coffee day tells how different he is. He respects people who take decision by themselves. He lives in the present doesn’t think about past and further. Santhosh Tuppad is an expert in security testing, blogging, hacking, and he is a vibrant speaker.  I see him as an icon, dada who would like to help people craft their further in a different way. I would thank him for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of his unique team.  Santhosh Tuppad is incomparable which makes him idol.

We are proud to have Pranav KS in our team. While he adds value to our test team, we make sure that we help him every way to become happy in his life through his learning, thought process and finally loving himself for what he is as “Being You” is highly respected at TestInsane.

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