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TestBashNY 2015 ROCKED! What else could happen?

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Thank you Rosie & Family!

Thank you Rosie & Family!

New York City is beautiful and awesome. And this time, it was more beautiful because I found one more reason to more awesomeness and that was being part of TestBashNY Conference that happened in New York City. I will be using “beautiful” word many times in this blog post because that’s what I feel like saying when I speak about TestBashNY. I met many passionate software testers with whom I used to communicate through social media. To name few I met Selena Delesie (The Soul Igniter – Indeed she is), Martin Hynie (He was the person I saw along with Rosie Sherry entering the restaurant before TestBashNY where I met many other testers. And I was so happy to have finally met him and he was my first friend at TestBashNY. I like his company :)), Elizabeth Zagroba (The Moon-Walk girl.Her 99 seconds talk was awesome with moon-walk skills), Rosie Sherry (A rockstar who made this happen and I am very thankful for her to create this opportunity for me), Dan Ashby (My brother with whom I had great time and the respect he has for TestInsane made me so happy), Mark Tomlinson (Attended performance awesomeness tutorial by Mark and I loved it. And he is awesome person), JeanAnn Harrison (We used to know each other through social media, but I happened to meet her finally and was happy), Ajoy Kumar Singha (The founder of TestingCircus whom I met in person for the third time), Perze Ababa (My brother who was happy to see

Santhosh and Martin at TestBashNY

Santhosh and Martin at TestBashNY

me and I was happy to see him. And we greeted each other through a giant HUG), Anna Royzman (She is awesome), Matt Heusser (Have known Matt for many years, but had a chance to meet him for the first time), Alessandra Moreira (We met 2 times in different places, but it was always “Hi” and then “Bye”. Hope to meet Ale next time and talk more:)), Kate Falanga (Heard to her talk which was awesome, but will talk more when I see her next time again), Tony (A brother from another mother. He was awesome and I felt so happy to connect with him again after TestBashNY as he invited me at his celebration on the occasion of his last day at his organization) and more. I also happened to network with more testers at NYC testers meet-up that happened at Booker Software company in New York City. One of the best tutorial that I attended was Mark Tomlinson’s Performance Awesomeness. He really nailed it and taught me something beautiful in just few hours. I appreciate his time in meeting and talking in his tutorial. He really is as awesome as performance awesomeness. I do not like to speak person by person because every person at TestBashNY was freaking awesome. And I loved every bit of my time when I was at TestBashNY.

Paul - Keith - Santhosh - Meeting

Paul – Keith – Santhosh – Meeting

It was great to catch-up with Keith Klain and Paul Holland at their DJ office in Bronx after the conference. We had some business discussions along with regular brotherhood talks J In short, I enjoyed the whole journey to New York City. Great people make great conferences, and people at this conference were awesome and that’s why TestBashNY rocked. Thanks again Rosie and all of the participants for making it rock.

I will be very much excited to see more testers at TestBash Brighton in 2016. Fingers crossed.


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Do you hate nightmares? If you do, then please continue reading it as you are possibly one of the target audience for security testing services. Typically, many start-ups or organizations do not test their software for security. Most of the times organizations are only bothered about functional aspects, while; usability & accessibility are used as add-ons (UK and US customers).  Long ago, there were very few hackers in 90s however, nowadays we have handful of them who always want to breach the security for whatsoever reasons. Irrespective of any reason, as an organization it is important to safeguard the sensitive data.

At TestInsane, we thrive for excellence in security testing and we have hand-picked ethical hackers from the industry across India. We are mix of tool-assisted and brain-assisted ethical hackers who are always in hunt for security vulnerabilities. We accept the fact that, there cannot be fool-proof secured applications, but better tested applications where we make a better effort in building a wall against the hacks from unethical hackers.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Here is a questionnaire for you to decide if you need security testing services,

  • Can you afford to lose your customers?
  • Can you afford to lose to your competitors?
  • Can you afford to have down-time?
  • Can you afford to have bad reputation via social media?
  • Can you afford to get sued?
  • Can you afford to pay hefty amount for hosting for non genuine usage? (Cash overflow attack)
  • Can you afford to go out of business based on critical vulnerabilities?
  • Can you afford to face the questions by media?
  • Can you afford to face lawsuit?
  • Can you afford to have negative propaganda about your company / brand?
  • Do you care for the privacy of your customers data?

If the majority answers were “NO”, then you are eligible to get your software tested for security.

Many businesses know to make business, but at times fail to maintain the business and incur a bigger loss. One aspect where your business can go haywire is when your software is not tested for security.

Our customers have been happy with our security testing services for web and mobile both. Here is one of the testimonial from our customer and it goes like this,

iMentor is a non-profit organization based in New York City. It builds mentoring relationships that empower students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. In other words, iMentor is an organization with a mission to improve the lives of young students, and in the fall of 2014, Test Insane helped iMentor fulfill that mission.

I first spoke with Santhosh and Karthik via Skype and knew right away that they would be our amazing new security team for the web app at iMentor. This web app runs the mentorship program for 10,000 mentors and mentees across the US, and it must be a secure environment for them. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible. These guys were hungry for the project and even described themselves as “lions before the feast”! We began immediately and had no trouble integrating their work into the work of the broader web app team at iMentor.

In particular, I appreciated the desire of Santhosh and Karthik to go beyond the boundaries of the security project and improve the iMentor web app in any way possible. They found bugs in its functionality, made suggestions about its UI, and gave insight into their experiences as new users. All of this passion and expertise coalesced into a solid month of work with a prioritized list of security issues, recommendations for their resolutions, and the aforementioned improvements.

We’re thrilled to make Test Insane our security team and were impressed with the wide range of skills Santhosh and Karthik offered beyond security. Thanks so much from iMentor!

Ben Robinson, Product Manager

Does this convince you? If it doesn’t then we can discuss about how we can make this happen & rock together! Write to me at


A thousand words are not enough… ~ Deepika Burli

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Deepika Burli is hired by TestInsane to help us with anything related to content-writing which includes Press Releases, Blogging, Drafting stories of team members and more. Here is her experience that she shares in her own writing style. I personally loved the way she writes. Enjoy reading!

Trying to kill time after your undergrad, taking a break to realize your options and trying to do stuff that would just keep you occupied can actually work. At least it did for me. I never had a clue that writing content for just one company would open doors to meeting and writing for people (firms) who would change the way you perceive so many things!

About a month after I started writing content for a friend’s start up, I received a mail from Santhosh Tuppad. I didn’t gather much from the term Exploratory Software Testing, but I did gather this much that he wanted me to write about it, about his company Test Insane and probably other stuff. My first expression was “How the fuck am I supposed to write about anything related to software?” My friend sitting next to me at that time said “If it’s knocking your door, then just cock-up and take it. You’ll anyway learn in the process.”

Deepika Burli - The Content Ninja!

Deepika Burli – The Content Ninja!

Honestly, I thank my stars that I always listen to her, for I found myself sitting in front of Santhosh for about 2 and a half hours at Matteo, talking about everything else but software. That was when I knew I’d be an idiot to not try this out!

Exactly a week later, I landed up in this small, endearing workplace in Jayanagar (a place I’ve never braved exploring before… but by now I was convinced that there’s always a first time!). “So this is where brainiacs decode the world of bugs” was the only ignorant thought running through my mind while I shook hands with Sales Daddy Srinivas “Srini” Bharadwaj (I call him that ‘coz he loves his job and he loves being a dad) and Insane tester Sandeep Hiremath, who brags about doing the most fortunate thing by joining Test Insane.

While having a rather long and chatty conversation with them we were joined by Sandeep Tuppad, another obsessive tester and a passionate traveler (a cyclist and mountaineer to be specific). Although it took him a cup of tea to actually open up his Pandora’s box – a silent player’s always the one with crazy ideas!

While in conversation with Pranav KS probably the youngest in the team, I realized that this company doesn’t work on the basis of how experienced one is but on the basis of how passionate one is, to learn, explore and improve. Pranav, without doubt is a rockstar in the making.

While I didn’t have much of a conversation with the VP of Test Insane, Karthik Kini (again, a very silent player), I did find a connection with his hometown and fell in love with his idea of establishing the same organization back there only because of the serenity one can work with in a place as tranquil as Udupi!

I’ve been told there’s another member whom I unfortunately couldn’t meet, Ajay S Menon. He’s been bragged about by his team mates to be a star creative head at Test Insane, who works from anywhere he likes.

Finally, coming to the man himself, Santhosh Tuppad can hold the most uncommon conversations which end up making sense all the time. He eased me into the ideology of his entire establishment, his victories, his career history that he has learnt a lot from and more than anything, his outlook about everything big or small defines not just him but also the company he so fondly founded.

When asked for an interview as a new member (although on a freelance basis) of Test Insane, I thought it would be fitting to pour my first impression of the company out as a blog post. For a little about me, I’m a Graduate with a degree in Journalism and a passion for writing which still needs a lot of improvisation! I’m on a short break from everything related to studies to just explore stuff (like meeting insane, crazy testers ;-)) that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d been sitting in a classroom right now.

So here I am, enjoying writing every word of this insanely huge post (sorry for that) leaving no page unturned in expressing how delighted I am to join Test Insane as their Content Writer.

TestLogue – Software Testing Stories & Comics

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Yeah, you heard it right. We launched TestLogue as a new initiative to make it fun for the Software Testing community / Test Enthusiasts / Freshers to go through the testing stories which could be technical, inspirational, motivational etc. We believe that visuals can do a lot to just plain content. We will be releasing series of stories including technical and non-technical through TestLogue comic series.

Watch out for many more stories across various topics. Learn through TestLogue is the new slogan for people who want to learn testing. And yes, somewhere this was inspired by what Robert Sabourin’s I-Am-A-Bug J Thank you Rob for inspiring the testing community always!

TestInsane TestLogue Social Media Poster

TestInsane TestLogue Social Media Poster

You can go through the first story and we wanted to start with some history and that is our my story titled “A journey of being co-founder of Moolya to Founder of Test Insane” which I presented at Nordic Testing Days 2015 as well.

Visit TestLogue – Stories & Comics of Testing.

Career change is not easy, but this guy does it for happiness!

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Sathish Gowda switches his career from being assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering to become a better Software Tester. He is currently learning and being trained on various skills at Test Insane. Here is what he answers us when we throw various questions in-front of him. We don’t know where he will end up, but he is happy with his decision to make a switch to Software Testing. Lets enjoy the journey! We wish him all the best in his learning.

Please introduce yourself

Satish Gowda

Satish Gowda

Hi, I am Sathish Gowda from Bangalore: “Silicon Valley of India”. I have completed my graduation and post graduation in Engineering (Mechanical branch) from Visvesvaraya Technological University. My father is a Section Superdent in Police Department (Karnataka). My mother is a house-wife. I had been working as Assistant Professor in an Engineering College, from past 3 Years in Bangalore. And now, I am game for learning to test software.

Why were you interested to join Test Insane while you could have got good paying job elsewhere?
Test Insane is a place where they allow people to work with their “Freedom”. The previous educational institute where I worked, I was not allowed to work as I would have liked to and had to work always against my will (just needed to follow orders from the so called authority).

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are: Playing Cricket, Riding my bike, Travelling, Going night – outs with my friends, Watching Hollywood Movies, Reading books about Indian history.

How do you know Software Testing is your passion?
I got introduced to the word, “Software Testing” by Santhosh Tuppad. Initially, I didn’t know until I and Santhosh were chatting in a restaurant, he was explaining me about Software Testing, (Ethical) Hacking etc. I just told him how I had been able to hack my ex-girlfriend’s e-mail account, and then he told me that I had a brain of a hacker and he questioned. “Why don’t you learn Software Testing?” And my response was “Okay let me do it.”

While we and you know money is important, do you think money can hold you back from doing what you love to?
Yes, money is important to fulfill our needs and desires. But, money can’t make me feel happy all the time. Can we take money with us whatever we have earned after we die? No! Not just the money, nothing can hold me back from doing things which makes me feel happy.

In 1 year from now, how do you see yourself as a software tester?

I want to be better Software Tester. I would like to see myself delivering talks about Testing, all over the globe across various conferences and software testing meet-ups.

What do you love about Test Insane? Is there anything that you hate about Test Insane?
The most important thing at Test Insane is there are no hard and fast rules. They provide us with complete freedom and allow us to do things we would like to do. There is no word called Hate about Test Insane in my dictionary.

How do you feel about other team members at Test Insane? How do they treat you?
In one word, if I want to tell about my team members at Test Insane, that would be “awesome”. My Team members at Test Insane are INSANE. Even though I am from different background they are always there to help me out regardless of whatever I ask.

What does your gut-feeling communicate about you leaving Test Insane? When do you plan to leave if you already have a date in mind? If not, why do you feel you will not quit Test Insane? 
Leaving Test Insane? My answer is NEVER. When Test Insane has provided me with the most important thing I badly needed – Freedom. Why shall I even think of quitting?

Few words about “our Founder – Santhosh Tuppad”?
Well, I know him from a very long time. I feel positive whenever I am with him. He is a source of positive energy to me. He is a “University of Testing”. The way he talks and provides motivation to whomever he meets – it’s amazing. As I know him very well he is not behind money, he does the things whatever makes him happy. He is a person who never thinks of past or future. He just lives in present. He is a guy who follows his heart always, a pure soul.

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