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Newbie testers express their Testing Experience at Test Insane

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2 Newbie Testers joined Test Insane and it is less than a month, but we wanted to know their experience in learning to test till date. Pranav KS and Sandeep Hiremath speak about their experience in testing and here we go!

What does Pranav say about his testing experience till date?

I am Pranav; a newbie at Test Insane, my experience till now with Test Insane is awesome and cool. It was pretty different from other company which makes it insane. During my initial week of testing, I found it little difficult but as days passed I was gaining more comfort by learning the process from other team members.

One of the thing which I like the most is, tip of the day on software testing by Santhosh Tuppad. It really drives me to do crazy things. I am learning software testing in an insane way by creating mind map and I also Sandeep and Satish Discussing Testingenhance my testing skills using the mind-map repository of Test Insane.

Day by day I am improving my testing skills; I am learning new tools and by getting to know about new methodologies. I have also attended a webinar on automation of web application testing using selenium and I am learning how to create a framework for testing using selenium.

From my first few weeks of work experience with Test Insane I am confident that I would be a better tester in 1 year from now, exploring undiscovered areas in testing.

What does Freakish Tester (Sandeep Hiremath) say about his testing experience till date?

Hello, I am Sandeep Hiremath a.k.a Freakish Tester. I am one of the Team members at Test Insane and I feel very much proud on that. I am getting coached by Santhosh Tuppad. In my earlier days at Test Insane I have been trained on some basic skills like English Grammar, E-mail Etiquette, Creating Mind Maps and writing blogs. In the next stage of training I have been trained on Bug Reporting, Investigating, Bug Advocacy and Testing. It took some time for me to cope with but now I am pretty confident that I am writing good bug reports. I thank my coach for that.

My first project at Test Insane: I was scared; I didn’t know how to test, what to test, how to prepare the bug report. My coach taught me about what to do and how to do. First of all he told me there is nothing to get scared about, just prepare the bug report in your style. That moment I realized when we are fearless we can be more productive and I got confidence on myself. I started reporting my bugs and I got good feedback on my bug reports. I am practicing more to become better.

Sandeep Hiremath at StarbucksFocus and Practice are the two important factors to master any skill; this is what I learned at Test Insane. I am upgrading my skills; I practice whatever I learn while working, which helps me to master the skills. I am learning automation, I am learning coding and I feel like a pro techie. Learning is fun at Test Insane. We discuss things / topics over a chilled beer, pizza, juice, green tea etc. I feel like a rock-star at office. I am very happy that I can be myself at my work place.

Interesting things at Test Insane: Pizzas, Drinks, Fun, Discussions, Learning, Sharing knowledge, Helping others to grow, Working as a team, and Freedom. We have an electronics lab where we develop robots; we have dart-board, remote controlled helicopter and lots more interesting things. I forget the outside world when I am at office as its really cool place to work and learn.

Monthly meetups / workshops happen at Test Insane. The meetups / workshops are about Testing. You can learn, discuss, meet new people, and you can share your thoughts over a pizza, beer, coffee, tea, juice ☺ I love these meet ups and workshops, if you want be the part of an upcoming meet up or workshop please visit and register yourself to feel the Insanity.

Santhosh Tuppad: The important question that I always ask my team members is, “Are you happy?” And I ask this a lot of times. Its a mental health-check that I do so that we have great energy filled when we are at our workplace. And if there are any issues with the happiness part, I try to help them resolve it as soon as possible. I wish these two newbie testers a  great journey in testing.

A fresh mind joins Test Insane to help it grow insanely!

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Pranav KS is our new team member who joins us to add value to our team. The beautiful point about Pranav is, he spoke about his technical experiences related to web apps and mobile apps, and that was found as very impressive by me (Santhosh Tuppad). Let him speak for himself while we interview him here on our blog.

Please introduce yourself

Hi! I am Pranav. I am from a vibrant town called Salem, Tamil Nadu where I completed all my schooling and graduation. I did my schooling in a renowned school, Golden Gates and I am a computer science graduate. My dad is an enthusiastic business man running a readymade garment Pranav KS Joins Test Insane Technologiesshowroom in Salem.  Mom also involved in same business. I have one elder sister working as software tester in a leading MNC  . I like practical learning than theoretical so my mark in practical exam were much higher than theory. I started my career as a technical recruiter in a CMM Level 5 company though the job was interesting it was not my passion because I felt that there was less learning in the job and it was a night shift which didn’t suit me. My sister job nature as a tester inspired me to this testing field.

Why were you interested to join Test Insane while you could have got good paying job elsewhere?
Testinsane is an innovative concern, catering to my passion testing. Money is vital but freedom and passion matter the most for me. In TestInsane I get to learn many interesting things of my passion. In TestInsane, the work atmosphere is very friendly and cordial and I never feel that I am doing something difficult. I get a feeling that I am sitting in front of desktop in my home. TestInsane is filled with many young and innovative minds which make me feel energetic. So  TestInsane is the right place for me.

What are your hobbies?
I love to play mobile games were I can learn many things such as Cisco NetInvader. I love to  travel and explore different parts of the world . I like to read tech news and keep myself updated about latest technologies and I also love to play table tennis with friends.
How do you know Software Testing is your passion?
Since my childhood I love to meddle with things for instance when I was a child I repaired a digital clock just my removing it parts and doing some changes without knowing the exact functioning of the clock fortunately the clock starting working so I feel  testing is my passion which is similar to meddling with software. While testing something I never get bored I feel like I am playing table tennis. Testing sound very interesting to me so it my passion.

While we and you know money is important, do you think money can hold you back from doing what you love to?
Yes money is important to fulfill by day to day needs but happiness is more important there is quote “Money has never made man happy”. Money can never stop me from doing things what I love because it doesn’t give me happiness and satisfaction.
In 1 year from now, how do you see yourself as a software tester?
In 1 year from now I see myself as an expert well versed in testing. I like to see myself presenting international conference in software testing, around the world. I would also like to give a new dimension to testing field, unexplored by others.

What do you love about Test Insane? Is there anything that you hate about Test Insane?
I love the work environment of test insane it is pretty unusual which make it insane . At TestInsane, I am given the freedom to take decision and there are no hard and fast rules, rankings etc. the methodologies in TestInsane are unique which I love very much. There is nothing I hate about TestInsane.

How do you feel about other team members at Test Insane? How do they treat you?
They are very friendly and cordially always there to guide me and help me out.  They don’t show any seniority and they give equal importance to everyone.

What does your gut-feeling communicate about you leaving Test Insane? When do you plan to leave if you already have a date in mind? If not, why do you feel you will not quit Test Insane?
Doing what I want to do I would never think of leaving TestInsane such a thought hasn’t come to my mind. Exploiting the field I love without any restriction is the reason behind me not leaving TestInsane. I look TestInsane as a gold mine which would take me places and achieve new heights together as a team

Few words about “Our Founder – Santhosh Tuppad”?
Santhosh Tuppad looks at the world in a different dimension. For instance my interview with him at coffee day tells how different he is. He respects people who take decision by themselves. He lives in the present doesn’t think about past and further. Santhosh Tuppad is an expert in security testing, blogging, hacking, and he is a vibrant speaker.  I see him as an icon, dada who would like to help people craft their further in a different way. I would thank him for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of his unique team.  Santhosh Tuppad is incomparable which makes him idol.

We are proud to have Pranav KS in our team. While he adds value to our test team, we make sure that we help him every way to become happy in his life through his learning, thought process and finally loving himself for what he is as “Being You” is highly respected at TestInsane.

Interview with Sandeep Hiremath a.k.a Freakish Tester

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Sandeep Hiremath

Sandeep Hiremath

Sandeep Hiremath happened to write to me (Santhosh Tuppad) on LinkedIn messaging system and he wanted to meet & speak to me. The moment I saw his message, I extracted his phone number from the web (Well, being good at elicitation; it wasn’t difficult for me to get his contact number). I called him the same night when he messaged me and I spoke to him for few minutes. Sandeep was very excited to speak to me and he mentioned, “I can sleep well now after speaking to you”. I was glad and that made me smile. Without bragging more about myself, lets get on to interview.

Sandeep, Please introduce yourself!

My full name is Sandeep Kumar Hiremath. I belong to a town named Gadag,Karnataka. I hold a degree in Computer Applications. My father is a Bank employee so we used to travel to different places for every 3 years because of my father’s transfers. For Every 3 years, new school, new friends, new people, new town, so gradually I became to act like a liquid, put me in any jar I will get adjusted to it. Speaking about my education, I was an average student at studies. I was not much serious about academics because I wanted to learn everything practically.

I started my career from a BPO as a Technical Support Executive. I left that job because I wanted to do something amazing. With the influence of my girlfriend, I got introduced into a new world called Software Testing. I did a certification in Software Testing. Later I realized the certification, which I did is just like the entrance ticket to get into an MNC or a CMMI Level 5 Company. And I got a chance to do Software Testing in an MNC. I hated that job; it is more of doing a data entry than Software Testing. There I used to have a checklist and my job is to just check marking as pass or fail. I did that job for 6 months and I was bored so, I left the job. Again, I joined another company and I have been offered better salary. But again same problem Checklist! I left that job. After that I went to so many interviews, at the end of the interview I used to ask them if they used ONLY checklist for testing (In actual, I mean checking)? Their answer was “Yes”! I rejected the jobs before they offer me.

Sandeep Kumar Hiremath

The guy on the left hand side to you is Sandeep.

Why were you interested to join Test Insane while you could have got good paying job elsewhere?

The salary is not important for me, of course I need money for my desires, but not for doing what I don’t want to do. Money is a waste when you are not happy by having money. I don’t want to work for money I work to be Happy and to have Fun. I don’t want to get paid to be anyone’s slave. I am a fan of one dialogue, “if you know something, never do it for free.”

I wanted to be in a place where I will be surrounded by the people who have a passion to do something amazing, who are experts in what they do and who rock at the workplace where, you will be never getting bored. This is a unique workplace where, only skills and passion matters! No marks cards, no certifications no experience letters. The best thing is working is fun. You get Freedom which the most important aspect for an employee to be more productive. In TestInsane I feel like I am not in office, I am in my room / restaurant / bar / park with my friends. I did not see any companies who offer a FREEDOM & BEER for their employees while discussing things about work, but TestInsane does. Isn’t that amazing?


What are your hobbies?

I am a Carrom Board lover, I love to watch Sherlock Holmes serials/movies, and I love to travel. I blog on software testing at

How do you know Software Testing is your passion?

I don’t know, but nothing else came to my mind. I did not think anything till now apart from Software Testing. I left jobs because, I felt the way I am testing is not proper testing. I was worried about the way I was doing my work; I think this is what passion is. Normally I don’t worry about things which I don’t care, and things which I care about being very close to my heart.

While we and you know money is important, do you think money can hold you back from doing what you love to?

Of course money is important to survive and to full fill our desires, but money can’t stop me to do what I love to do. Money is just a thing which is created by human beings, it’s artificial. Doing what I love to do is my choice. I remember one quote here,“The Richest person is not the Happiest person; the Happiest person is the Richest person!” doing what I love to do gives me more happiness. So, money can’t hold me back from doing what I love to do.

In 1 year from now, how do you see yourself as a software tester?

I would like to see myself as a better tester. I would like to be an expert in Software testing. I want to see myself on a stage as a speaker on Software Testing. I want to rock at my work.

What do you love about Test Insane? Is there anything that you hate about Test Insane?

I love the name TestInsane. I love being Insane. I can be “ME” here. I don’t have to be so formal or so artificial. I love the atmosphere of TestInsane. I get lots of new things to learn. I love the Freedom in TestInsane. No, I don’t have anything which I hate in TestInsane.

How do you feel about other team members at Test Insane? How do they treat you?

They are cool and cool. Sandeep Tuppad and Karthik Kini are experts in their work. Sandeep Tuppad is a Core techie and he is also an adventurous mountaineer. Karthik Kini is a Developer in Test, expert in Web technology and I see a smileyJ on his face all the time, most of the time he speaks in Technical language, most of the times I struggle to understand that language. Well, I am interested to learn that language from him so that I can communicate better with computers J

What does your gut-feeling communicate about you leaving Test Insane? When do you plan to leave if you already have a date in mind? If not, why do you feel you will not quit Test Insane?

This is an easy question for me. I stopped thinking negative. When I am in a place where there is a lot of optimism in me, and where is a lot of things to learn in one place, why should I think about leaving? Well, I don’t have any thoughts to leave TestInsane. Because I feel I am having fun by working. I feel I am doing what I love to do. I am learning daily which is good for me. I am in a company which I always dream about. I got what I wanted; now I don’t want to lose this. I would like to move forward together as a team like Fast and Furious by Racing at work and doing crazy amazing things!

Few words about “Our Founder – Santhosh Tuppad”?

Santhosh Tuppad. Just Google this name :) I know Santhosh Tuppad as a Hacker, Software Tester, Exploratory Tester, Security Testing Expert, Blogger, Speaker.  First of all I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to be in his team. To me he is a mentor, guide, guru, friend, philosopher, teacher, trainer, and Baba 😉 I like the way he lives his life. As long as I have seen him I noticed some qualities in him. He does what he loves. Santhosh Tuppad follows his heart. He never restricts himself by doing what he wants to do and nothing can stop him to do what he wants to do. He doesn’t wait for opportunity he creates one. Very broad and open minded person also he is very straight forward. Santhosh Tuppad is Inimitable.

We wish Sandeep Hiremath an insane career path with Test Insane and we take pledge in making him a testing celebrity while he practices more and more to test better. Follow him on Twitter @FreakishTester

PDT tool to test combinations of different formats

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What is PDT? PDT (phone number, date, time) is a quick and first of its kind tool developed for the testers who want to test the combinations of different formats of each of these three dimensions – phone number, date and time zone. One click solution to all your test data problems in PDT.

How did this start?

It all started when Ajay Balamurugadas (Founder, Weekend Testing) visited Test Insane office to discuss about “Test Maniac” event with me (Santhosh Tuppad). I call him man of ideas and he keeps releasing his ideas like a machine gun which is insane. I was sitting on a bean bag and he just said this, “Friend, I have an idea” and I was like, “Go ahead, I am excited to listen”. He spoke about test data generator for phone number format, time-zone conversions, Date and time formats. Here is the prototype that he drew on the paper.

PDT Requirement Prototype by Ajay Balamurugadas

PDT Requirement Prototype by Ajay Balamurugadas

Once the sketch was done, the information on the paper was our requirement while we also had an idea to discuss about it and explain how it would work.

Once we had the requirement, our team member Karthik Kini (VP, Web Apps Testing & Automation) joined the discussion and he took this challenge. Within few hours of time, he developed a tiny utility and presented it to us. Wow! It was like a “Mini-Hackathon” at Test Insane where the idea, requirements, development and functional testing was done in just few hours. And all this happened because of the passionate people which included both tester and a programmer. The take-away could be, if a passionate tester and programmer can work together; they can do wonders in testing a software together.

 Without much ado, let us show you the path to use this tiny utility. Visit

Download the source at


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Get more at Test Insane

Get more at Test Insane

This is purely a marketing blog post which speaks the facts about our skills and testing services business.


People ask us, why your pricing is less? And our answer has been, we admit that we want to make money, however; that’s not in the top priority. More or less are relative words and something that is less to the whole world and be more for us and we are happy with it. The value that we want to deliver to our customers through testing needs to be immense and has to make the customer feel the immense value instead of we just saying it here in our blog. We strive hard to bring a happy feeling for our customers. [And already we have brought smile on our customers – See]

To know what is LESS pricing, you may want to contact us so that we can understand your context better and answer your queries. Let us get to know each other better!


People at our start-up are all hard core techies. These are the people who chose computers over others because they found the LOVE for computers. From knowing “How web works?” to “How keyboard works? or How servers / databases work?” our test team rocks the work. What makes us special is, technical skills which is our top priority at work. People usually say, “Attitude first and skill-set next”; somehow, we love to say this, “Skill-set first and everything else next”. By saying this, we are not compromising over attitude, but emphasizing on how much we care for technical skills which are important for a software tester or any technology maniac or a geek.


Now, these are not the developers who were trained on some tool and were called as “Developers in Test”. We have a unique or a different definition from the world and here it goes, “These are the hard-core developers who work on building applications and they are also involved in writing code for check automation which could be in Selenium or Ranorex or Windows autoit. Automation is about writing code, well developers write code. Look at how we bridge the gap and allow people to do what they love to instead of forcing someone into something else which we hate!


At Test Insane, testing style  is exploratory and our testers understand what it means to be an exploratory tester (Yes, its mind-set and skill-set). We practice testing consistently and we believe that anything that we practice, we become good at it. We are not typical testers you may find in any other part of the world in most of the companies, but we are insane as in crazy, passionate about what we do. And not to forget that, testers here rock every session when they are on SBTM (Session based test management) activity. We would like to say this, it’s not a question about jazzy things, it’s not a question about how many bugs we find, it’s not a question about skills; but value. And we want to do everything and anything for our customers to add immense value to their business.


We have dart board, remote controlled helicopter, board games and what not! Well, we wanted to focus on learning culture instead of fun culture. Wait! Learning is FUN for us and it’s still fun culture at Test Insane. We invest in the learning, making money is so boring if we don’t invest it back in the learning of our people. We make sure we have a budget for learning activity. It could be books, or subscription from PluralSight to learn something important which helps us to test better or buying a software license and so on. So, what takes us high? Technically speaking, its alcohol; and our alcohol is learning!


Here is something our friend Jari Mikael Laakso said about our open source contribution and that should convince you.

“I’ve been following Test Insane since they started. In a matter of few months, they have contributed to the community more than most companies deliver in years. HTML Comment Extractor, RESTful Test Endpoints, and their MindMaps are great initiatives; and this is just the beginning! I’m looking forward to build business with them in order to support their quest to release new free tools for software testers around the world.”

Visit to see our contributions.


In our experience, we have seen that whenever there is a hiring people give more value to attitude and then skills. They believe that, skills can be mastered with attitude. Yes, we believe that; but somehow our hearts beat for skill-set first and attitude next. At TestInsane we value skill-set over attitude. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about attitude, but our it carries less weight compared to skill-set while we make hiring decision.


We want to be your testing partners and not just vendor. We want to work closely with our customers in order to solve the pain points that our customers may have. And that’s what makes us solutions providers as well. Not necessarily our customers need to highlight the problems, we identify them on our own and surprise our customers with our solutions. We are here to solve testing problems.


When we say amazing, we mean amazing. Testing need not be only reporting bugs, but includes providing feedback about the features from a business point of view if that makes sense to our customers. At TestInsane, you find people who test, who write code, who give feedback about UI / UX and what not. Everything at one place! Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, of course it is! So, what are you waiting for, lets talk now! Contact us.


In the end, we humans want to be happy and that’s when the life is complete. We give priority to that and we do anything & everything to make our customers happy through our testing services.

Write to us at  I (Santhosh Tuppad) always keep  refreshing and checking my mailbox on my iPhone. So, you can expect a reply very quickly.