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Its been just 1 month and it looks like 1 year of learning!

I am a newbie tester (Not so newbie at this moment because I have made significant progress in my learning) and explorer exploring many things and enjoying testing at Test Insane. Test Insane is a cool and lovely place to work because the work culture is very much unique. People working here are cool, freedom is given to me to share my ideas and thoughts and there is no seniority between people, everyone are given equal priority.

At Test Insane, I am trained by Santhosh Tuppad and Sandeep Tuppad. Both are really kind, helpful and innovative. I learn many things from them.

Santhosh Tuppad, is the Founder & Managing Director at Test Insane. He doesn’t show any ego and cares about employee’s happiness a lot. His way of training is very unique. Each thing he says will last in my brain and make me think in different ways. For instance, he used to explain about a tool that would be useful for testing an product and will ask us to practice using the tool, so it will make me think in different angles as how to use the tool effectively and find bugs.

On my second day at Test Insane. Santhosh asked me to edit my twitter profile since it was not good. I took it lightly and did not do it. One day in office Santhosh called me to his place, he asked me to login in to my Twitter

Pranav KS - Software Tester - Test Insane

Pranav working at TestInsane!

account using my credential. I was wondering why? After login, he asked me about my   passion and interest. He edited the details, he also asked me to follow few testing groups such as TestManiac and “Testing circus”.  He asked me to follow ten testers a day and to read their profile. I did the same. Initially, I did not understand the importance, but as days passed by I came to know about many things related to testing by reading the blog post of experienced tester and also about many tools and tips from different testing groups. It’s helping me a lot.

Santhosh gives lots of importance to status update mail which I need to send daily. He checks for spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammatical errors in it. Initially, I used to make spelling mistake, punctuation errors. I was careless, but Santhosh used to point out my mistake in the mail and he asked me to re-send it again. So, I learned how to give proper punctuation in sentence (Who would have Wren and Martin book in Testing start-up? Well, Test Insane has it and that speaks about the seriousness of Santhosh Tuppad about communication skill). I was thinking why Santhosh is focusing so much in punctuation and spacing. But, It was all for my good. He wants other people to respect me. It also helps me a lot while Bug Reporting. If I report a bug with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, it will create a bad impression on me from the client. Now, I am very careful while reporting the bugs in the bug tracker.

Everyone at Test Insane, appreciates me for every small thing which I do. Even if it is a small utility. They used to appreciate me and tell their views about it. This give me the confidence and the hunger to learn and do more.

Sandeep Tuppad, is the Vice President (Mobile Apps Testing) of Test Insane. He helps a lot to master test automation using Selenium. He used to give me challenges or tasks regarding automation. Instead of just learning from a book or training session. This way of practical learning will be very interesting, and also I get to know many things.  One day Sandeep gave me a task to create a utility to automate the process of checking brute-force attack vulnerability in the login form of any website. While creating this utility, I learned many things. I learned how to fetch data from excel sheet using java program, debugging a program using Eclipse etc. I used to create a part of the utility and show it to Sandeep, he used to tell me any modification required for the utility. After completing the utility, I was testing it on multiple websites. Fortunately, I found out a way to bypass the website that use CAPTCHA to prevent this test. While completing the challenges that Sandeep gives me, I got to know many things apart from Selenium.  This is how I am learning Selenium at Test Insane.

Test Insane has also given me an opportunity to attend meet-up conducted by TestManiac every month. One of the interesting meet-up I have attended is regarding, “Which is the most important quality criterion to be tested on a product?” By attending the meet-up, I got to know many things regarding testing. I also meet different people from various different companies and get a chance to listen about their testing experience and the methodology which they follow.

BugIT is a platform launched by Test Insane for internal purpose where testers can practice testing and report bugs which will eventually become huge database of bugs which will help newbie testers like me to learn better. It helps me a lot to stay alert and think as a tester even while browsing website and it also gives me confidence when I find a bug.

Test Insane apps help me a lot while testing. For example: Software Testing MindMaps repository is too awesome! Each mindmap in the repository of Test Insane apps is very useful. I was testing a file upload feature in a website. A mind map regarding file upload testing was very useful. Creating a mindmap before testing a product will be very helpful. Since we can keep track of all the features we have tested in a product and also our brains thinks in a connective way, so it makes it easy to remember.

My first month experience with Test Insane was cool, I learned many things and I also created my first utility. Looking forward to create more utilities that may be helpful for testing community and make great impact in Test Insane. I thank Santhosh Tuppad for giving me the opportunity.


Before you read, I would love to mention that “This was our hobby project apart from the work we do on projects”. Okay, you can continue reading now J

People said, “Tweet it” and we said, “Bug it” and that’s when we thought of an idea for our internal test team where testers can login to our internal app and then just quickly share their bug by typing the text in the text area which says, “What bug is on your mind?” just like how Facebook / Twitter or any other social media may say. Any funny bugs with screenshots can be uploaded here and we have got rich text editor.

How does this work and why did we do this?

Whenever we find bug while browsing some app or using some app, we just take a screenshot of it and explain the bug in 140 characters in the title of the bug and add description if required. We have upload file feature where our testers upload the screenshot and then click on submit button which we call as “bugIT”. We show 10 bugs in the feed along with the tester name who submitted it and also we use lazy load concept to show next 10 bugs just like any other e-commerce site or social media feeds are shown. We love to implement these features even for our testers because our testers are our users and we love to give them better user eXperience. In short, we insanely <3 software!

The interesting thing is the background image for homepage. It goes like this,


UI Background for bugIT product

UI Background for bugIT product

Hilarious and insane backgrounds is what we love to have at Test Insane. These kind of background UI images motivates us. No offense to the bugs J

Here is our awesome mathematical calculation!

Our 10 testers report at least 2 such bugs on each day and we have various bug types like 10 testers x 2 bugs each x 20 days = 400 bugs in our bugIT (That means in 1 year we will have 4000+ bugs) Isn’t that awesome for our testers to search from the insane database of bugs which will trigger test ideas in their brain. And we have powerful full text search feature implemented based on the tags provided by each tester, so any tester testing the software can just go and search for “password” and he / she will list every bug type that is related to password. Isn’t that insane? Yes, it is!

We believe in creating very tiny utilities while our team is dedicated to use it and then make it powerful over time. It is about “evolving” the product and we know it very well and do it very well.

Eventually, we want to upload bugs for open source software and give access to the developers to go through these bugs in bugIT and fix them. Soon, we will release this to the open-source community where we can add value by testing open source software and helping the developer community!

The new saying goes like this, ” TEST IT AND BUG IT.”

Okay, I shut up here and let me “bugIT”.