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TestBashNY 2015 ROCKED! What else could happen?

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Thank you Rosie & Family!

Thank you Rosie & Family!

New York City is beautiful and awesome. And this time, it was more beautiful because I found one more reason to more awesomeness and that was being part of TestBashNY Conference that happened in New York City. I will be using “beautiful” word many times in this blog post because that’s what I feel like saying when I speak about TestBashNY. I met many passionate software testers with whom I used to communicate through social media. To name few I met Selena Delesie (The Soul Igniter – Indeed she is), Martin Hynie (He was the person I saw along with Rosie Sherry entering the restaurant before TestBashNY where I met many other testers. And I was so happy to have finally met him and he was my first friend at TestBashNY. I like his company :)), Elizabeth Zagroba (The Moon-Walk girl.Her 99 seconds talk was awesome with moon-walk skills), Rosie Sherry (A rockstar who made this happen and I am very thankful for her to create this opportunity for me), Dan Ashby (My brother with whom I had great time and the respect he has for TestInsane made me so happy), Mark Tomlinson (Attended performance awesomeness tutorial by Mark and I loved it. And he is awesome person), JeanAnn Harrison (We used to know each other through social media, but I happened to meet her finally and was happy), Ajoy Kumar Singha (The founder of TestingCircus whom I met in person for the third time), Perze Ababa (My brother who was happy to see

Santhosh and Martin at TestBashNY

Santhosh and Martin at TestBashNY

me and I was happy to see him. And we greeted each other through a giant HUG), Anna Royzman (She is awesome), Matt Heusser (Have known Matt for many years, but had a chance to meet him for the first time), Alessandra Moreira (We met 2 times in different places, but it was always “Hi” and then “Bye”. Hope to meet Ale next time and talk more:)), Kate Falanga (Heard to her talk which was awesome, but will talk more when I see her next time again), Tony (A brother from another mother. He was awesome and I felt so happy to connect with him again after TestBashNY as he invited me at his celebration on the occasion of his last day at his organization) and more. I also happened to network with more testers at NYC testers meet-up that happened at Booker Software company in New York City. One of the best tutorial that I attended was Mark Tomlinson’s Performance Awesomeness. He really nailed it and taught me something beautiful in just few hours. I appreciate his time in meeting and talking in his tutorial. He really is as awesome as performance awesomeness. I do not like to speak person by person because every person at TestBashNY was freaking awesome. And I loved every bit of my time when I was at TestBashNY.

Paul - Keith - Santhosh - Meeting

Paul – Keith – Santhosh – Meeting

It was great to catch-up with Keith Klain and Paul Holland at their DJ office in Bronx after the conference. We had some business discussions along with regular brotherhood talks J In short, I enjoyed the whole journey to New York City. Great people make great conferences, and people at this conference were awesome and that’s why TestBashNY rocked. Thanks again Rosie and all of the participants for making it rock.

I will be very much excited to see more testers at TestBash Brighton in 2016. Fingers crossed.


We always knew that we were doing great work in software testing as a start-up and we believed in our work. I happened to receive call from Unicom and also an e-mail about the nomination of TestInsane for “Testing start-up of the year 2015” category. I did not respond to the e-mail, but again I received a call from Unicom to know about my decision. I spoke to one of the person from Unicom and I said, “We don’t want to participate in this because we already know that we are insanely awesome in our work and wouldn’t be nice if we don’t win the award”. But, again I gave it a thought and said “YES” for the nomination. We had to talk about our various work at TestInsane so that the jury members could decide on one winner. I was pretty confident that we shall win this award for sure because we had done great work for our customers and also software testing community in terms of open-source contribution by developing apps for testers to help them test better.

And on the day 24-July-2015, at 1700 hours India Testing Awards 2015 event started. It started with awards for various people in different categories of awards and when the time was to announce “TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015”, I could feel goosebumps when TestInsane was announced as winner. I was very happy to receive this award and also we were very quick in getting here.

Thank you Unicom & Next Gen Testing for this award. This is special for us. We continue to do great work and amaze the world. Keep showing us the love :-)

Last, but not least I thank all our team members for making us capable of getting this award. Special thanks to Karthik Kini, Sandeep Tuppad and Ajay S Menon. We are awesome as a cool team.

Below are some pictures taken by me :-)




TestInsane – TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015 (Srinivas on the left is our sales bragger) And the beard guy is Santhosh Tuppad!

TestInsane is the TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015

Launching War With Bugs – Season 1

Every time I participated in software testing competitions, I was excited! It was not about money, but passion to find bugs in the software that is given to test. Today, I am excited to host a testing competition globally where software testers around the world can test the software (web app or mobile app) and report bugs in our WAR WITH BUGS platform which will be launched in October. Currently, we are advertizing globally where software testers could submit a simple form at and they will receive the invite once we are all set to launch the competition during October month of 2015. And yes, there can be only one winner and he / she shall get 100000 INR. Below is a quick illustration of WAR WITH BUGS. Please share across your network so that we can have fair enough competition between testers around the globe. If you are thinking, “Ah, let me not share it with my team”; then you could be already a loser 😀

Mode details will be released soon and you will have 1 month of duration to participate and report bugs in our platform. Are you game to fight bugs and win 100000 INR? Request an invite now.

War With Bugs

War With Bugs – Season 1 – By TestInsane

TestLogue – Software Testing Stories & Comics

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Yeah, you heard it right. We launched TestLogue as a new initiative to make it fun for the Software Testing community / Test Enthusiasts / Freshers to go through the testing stories which could be technical, inspirational, motivational etc. We believe that visuals can do a lot to just plain content. We will be releasing series of stories including technical and non-technical through TestLogue comic series.

Watch out for many more stories across various topics. Learn through TestLogue is the new slogan for people who want to learn testing. And yes, somewhere this was inspired by what Robert Sabourin’s I-Am-A-Bug J Thank you Rob for inspiring the testing community always!

TestInsane TestLogue Social Media Poster

TestInsane TestLogue Social Media Poster

You can go through the first story and we wanted to start with some history and that is our my story titled “A journey of being co-founder of Moolya to Founder of Test Insane” which I presented at Nordic Testing Days 2015 as well.

Visit TestLogue – Stories & Comics of Testing.


Its been very short time since we started. We never thought that world would start loving us and hating us for what we are doing. We have lovers and haters around the world. Yes, we say that in very much BOLD way. Many people around us doubted us, they thought we are foolish and stupid enough to be running a startup like Test Insane. We thank our lovers and haters both, because you motivate us and you push to our limits in terms of contributing to the Software Testing world and community. And every time you push us to reach the limits, we say —

FUCK, let’s increase our limits to do more insanely fucking awesome.

Many people told us, “Run your startup in this way and you can make more money”. And I was like, “I did not start Test Insane along with my cool team members to chase money, I know why I started!” We are here to shake the brains of Software Testing community with our work. If we wanted to make MONEY, we wouldn’t have chosen our PASSION; but anything else which could be our cash cow. HELL with the MONEY, we are here for a REASON and that REASON is “BEING HAPPY BY DOING WHAT WE LOVE TO” and that’s our vision. We love simple things in life and we wanted a simple vision. People laughed at us for the kind of vision we had, but that was funny for us because “It is our vision and that vision is not about people”. Period!



  • We love to push the human race forward.
  • We want to make the lives better around us.
  • We want to give back to the testing community through our open source contribution.
  • We believe that we can do awesome when we have freedom.
  • We believe that the world is beautiful with LOVE
  • We love to share the love and that’s when we are happy!
  • We exist because we believe that we will be GREAT and we do not want to be AVERAGE!
  • We exist because it is not ONLY about Testing for us, it is about LIVING to the FULLEST!
  • Because there is so much sloppy testing in this world that only knows to make MONEY!
  • We exist because TECHNOLOGY seduces us.
  • We believe that there are no game changers, but game creators. We are here to create.
  • We exist because of the simple reason that WE EXIST and WE SHOUT LOUDER.


In short, world cannot ignore us no matter they love us or hate us. Because we are UNSTOPPABLE in terms of great work which we do. We are not just doers, but enablers.

Want to work with us? Got insanity? Visit our careers page.