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We didn’t want to be cocky and then chose to understand each other!

I could just continue to be cocky and then be immature in life by not understanding people and then discontinuing to work with my own people at my startup. I always love to work with people whom I love and I cannot have negativity or hatred for them. Yes, this post is dedicated to my very own elder brother Sandeep Tuppad (He heads Mobile App Testing and Test Automation at TestInsane). We always used to fight when we were kids and then again end up  talking to each other. I still remember when he used to stand by me to support me when the world started to fight me. Having said that, things started changing when we were working together at my startup. Yes, we had multiple fights through words and we both did not feel pleasant about whatever used to happen. That was the time when we could say, “Fuck off” to each other and just continue with whatever we wanted to. But, I have never liked breaking relationships and would always want to work it out if I can make it work based on my best interest. After multiple unpleasant activities, I decided to talk to Sandeep Tuppad and shared much deeper thoughts about my life and also connected with our childhood days where we loved each other. We decided to bring those days back and have a better life by working together. We started understanding each other better and better as days passed by and today our relationship has become so much better and I celebrate this pleasantness every moment. Yes, I am happy that I decided to understand instead of quitting. I just followed my visceral and again my visceral has proved that I can be happy if I follow my visceral. The other beauty was, I sensed the maturity in myself of making such a decision. Today, we brothers are rocking with the work at my startup and we are game to take it to next level along with other team members who rock.

Santhosh Tuppad and Sandeep Tuppad - TestInsane

Santhosh Tuppad (Extreme Left) and Sandeep Tuppad (Extreme Right)

It’s all about people in any startup / company / organization. I have learned that the companies can make progress by understanding the team members or colleagues or people with whom they work closely. If you do not work closely, maybe you are not accepting others at your workplace and indirectly that may be hindering the progress of your startup. We solved the problems then and there instead of prolonging them for longer time and then falling in the trap of life / startup progress. Having made a wise decision following my visceral, we are happy team today and we are going to continue the happiness for longer time by doing things in life which make us happy.

In short, keep the negativity away and focus on the happiness. Let go the unpleasantness and work on bringing the pleasantness. We hear lots of quotes about team-work, but we fail to get along with our very own team members. Kick the negativity out and even say sorry to each other because you care. It’s not about who is wrong or right, it’s about you care for your own people and love to get along with pleasantness and rock the work.

Go! Spread the love and you will get it back in many different ways. I spread love because it makes me feel happy. And anything that I get back is a goodness of life. Stay happy!