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We started our journey during April 2014 and we went through lots of changes in the way we were working due to whatsoever reasons. There were boring days and at the end of the day there is no sense of accomplishment after sitting at office for 8 hours and doing something which did not make us happy. Some people joined our team initially and they left us for good. There were non-technical problems and I never wanted to spend time on non-technical part more compared to technical part of running a tech start-up. The good thing is, I always fixed the problems right-away and instructed the team to do focus on technical things, innovation and more while I take care of things that are under my control. Thereafter, we knew what we had to do collectively as a team and rock the Software Testing space.

No projects, NO BIG DEAL!

We did not have projects for many months, maybe time was the answer. Instead of cribbing about “we are not getting projects”, we said, “FUCK, let us start with some in-house projects and then started to brainstorm“. We started feeling happy and awesome about that time we spend at our startup. An idea hit us and that was, “How about open-source / freeware for software testers around the globe?” And we were like, “That’s kick-ass stuff!” Let us do it. Our rock-star developers started working on building open source apps and then we started to release them under MIT license. We do not like * (conditions apply) when its open-source / free.

Our team-members & contributors

We kick-started our journey with our first utility developed in python and that was HCE (HTML parser / HTML comment extractor). It was developed by our C, Python, and Java programmer Sandeep Tuppad. He loves neat code and with his support, we were able to release our first utility as open-source on web.

 Test Insane - Software Testing Community Contribution 2014 and 2015

Test Insane – Software Testing Community Contribution 2014 and 2015

Later, it was a surprise when our rock-star developer Karthik Kini (The C# and the Web guy) developed RTE (RestFul Test Endpoints) and said, “Hey Santhosh, here is something I have developed and we can offer as micro-service to the world which could help developers / testers to test”. And I was like, “INSANE”.

And the BIG thing of 2014 was on the way and that was an idea about “Developing software testing mind-maps and uploading them on our own platform of mind-maps repository”. Karthik Kini being the Web Guy was agile in developing the platform and then we invited / requested testers around the world to contribute. Today, we have 100+ mind-maps and 16+ contributors who develop the testing mind-maps and then we upload them in MindMaps repository.

What’s up with 2015?

We have realized that, it is time to make MONEY now & we halt these activities it is not ONE TIME activity, but a journey where we keep contributing to the Software Testing community. The simple reason is, we love the journey of being happy in our life and contributing to the testing community in terms of open-source apps, freebies makes us feel insanely happy!

Watch out for more in 2015! We are going to explode enormously in 2015 in terms of community contribution.

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PDT tool to test combinations of different formats

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What is PDT? PDT (phone number, date, time) is a quick and first of its kind tool developed for the testers who want to test the combinations of different formats of each of these three dimensions – phone number, date and time zone. One click solution to all your test data problems in PDT.

How did this start?

It all started when Ajay Balamurugadas (Founder, Weekend Testing) visited Test Insane office to discuss about “Test Maniac” event with me (Santhosh Tuppad). I call him man of ideas and he keeps releasing his ideas like a machine gun which is insane. I was sitting on a bean bag and he just said this, “Friend, I have an idea” and I was like, “Go ahead, I am excited to listen”. He spoke about test data generator for phone number format, time-zone conversions, Date and time formats. Here is the prototype that he drew on the paper.

PDT Requirement Prototype by Ajay Balamurugadas

PDT Requirement Prototype by Ajay Balamurugadas

Once the sketch was done, the information on the paper was our requirement while we also had an idea to discuss about it and explain how it would work.

Once we had the requirement, our team member Karthik Kini (VP, Web Apps Testing & Automation) joined the discussion and he took this challenge. Within few hours of time, he developed a tiny utility and presented it to us. Wow! It was like a “Mini-Hackathon” at Test Insane where the idea, requirements, development and functional testing was done in just few hours. And all this happened because of the passionate people which included both tester and a programmer. The take-away could be, if a passionate tester and programmer can work together; they can do wonders in testing a software together.

 Without much ado, let us show you the path to use this tiny utility. Visit

Download the source at