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Testing eCommerce Apps

Testing eCommerce Applications At Test Insane – Web

Who is not excited about online shopping? Well, we equally love online shopping as much as you do. Again, loving is not sufficient; but demonstrating the value by testing e-commerce is what we believe in firmly. Testing e-commerce applications poses various challenges to testing and it is not a cakewalk where you choose any software testing services company to do it for you. We come with great experience in testing e-commerce applications and have delivered great value to our customers in terms of quality. We want to help you convert your leads to sales as that’s your business goal and that takes a lot as users demand a lot because there is not only one player in the industry, but many and the number is growing every day. So, how do you make sure that users choose you? Answer is Test Insane! [Read the testimonial by one of our customer who is into eCommerce industry].


Have you got powerful search?

Most people love search feature as it helps them to get what they want as soon as possible unless it is browsing through several categories. Hence, it makes it crucial to have powerful search functionality; and believe us, it is not that easy as the world thinks. Search itself has so many attributes like relevancy, wild card search,

eCommerce Search Feature Testing

Your users love search more for quick shopping. More Business to you!

auto-suggestions and more. Even though you have a product in your product catalog, but your search is not displaying the result then it is a big failure for the business. What can be worst than this kind of bug? You have it, yet you don’t have it!

Is your checkout reliable as it is the heart of your application?


eCommerce Security Testing – Payment Security! Safeguard your users from hackers and threats.

Every part of the body is necessary to function well as a whole for the well-being of life. Now, even your application has different parts like UI, Functionality like checkout, search, add to cart, discount coupons, gift cards

and more. Now, checkout is the heart as that pumps in revenue for your business. You don’t want the heart of your application to be weak. Isn’t it?

We want to quote this to emphasize on why we call “Checkout” feature as “Heart” of your application.

According to Baymard Institute Research, “68% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart” and now that’s a very big number. We strive hard to bring that number down with our testing and that means more business to you and more “Power” to you.

Is your platform secure?

eCommerce Platform Security

eCommerce Platform Security. Your users love secured platforms where payment is involved.

Hackers are always open to hack for numerous reasons. It could be data theft, getting personal details of your users, selling your users data to other competitors so that they can send e-mail campaign to those users and poach your users. It is always a nightmare to listen to such bad news and media is always waiting on the edge to hear such news. This could hit your brand image and bring a great loss to your business. We provide security testing services and read more about it here.


How good or bad is the user experience?

In today’s world, it is not about just shopping; but the ambiance too. Now, ambiance can be referred to how is your user interface appealing to your users. Usually, users are not satisfied only with the cart and checkout features. It is about colorology, discounts, gift card, wishlists, share with social media, customer service, help &

Delightful UX - A Happy Online Shopper

Delightful UX – Make your customers happy!

documentation, navigation, homepage elements design, product pages design, product description page design and details and lot more. Many claim that UX is easy, we somehow do not see anything as easy because it is not in reality and again the knowledge matters if something has to be seen as easy or challenging.

Do you care about the user reviews and how are you taking them forward?

Test Insane believes that user reviews are cool way to generate tests and they could reveal the bugs in the application. Usually, the feedback form that you may have in your application is never paid attention to. We have talked to customers who said, “We never look into it as it takes a lot of time from us based on the other priorities at work we have”. Well, this was the problem statement and we agreed to it. Now, Test Insane is also a solution provider and we developed a tool for our customer and now they are happy using it as it helps them to invest less time on reviews as they get organized data in the dashboard which highlights several problems that their users are speaking about via reviews / feedback system. We can help you to understand the psychology of your customers.

Do you have a mobile web or mobile app for your e-commerce business?

Web, Mobile, Physical stores are various channels for shopping. And online shopping can be through web via Desktop Computer / Laptop while it can be even on mobile phone. If you do not have a mobile app, you may lose to other competitor who has mobile app and is getting customers from mobile phone channel as well. And that

Testing eCommerce Mobile App

Make sure your mobile channel for your business is tested!

means, your competitor is making more money compared to you who may not mobile phone as a channel. Now, we come with mobile app testing expertise. We have read numerous research papers on usability, security apart from functional testing. To get a glimpse of our mobile app testing services, read more here.

Are there functional glitches that shoos off your customers?

Functional bugs will directly help your customers to go away from you. That’s the first quality criteria that needs to become stable which is important for your business to  kick-start. Let us say, someone is searching for a product and you just show “Oops, something went wrong” and this happened because search data contained some characters which your server couldn’t process and the user keeps getting that message repeatedly which irritates the user and that’s sufficient for abandoning you and going to competitor. Now, we focus on various types of coverage in our testing activity like “Data coverage”, “Feature Coverage”, “Quality Criteria Coverage” and more. This helps us in identifying the risks in various parts of your application and the it will help you in making better informed decisions about your business.

How is the performance of your application?

All cool features and actually more features implemented compared to any e-commerce site in your country or world. You are very happy and there is a sale that you plan or it is a festive season. May be, its Diwali or Christmas or Thanksgiving Day, we want to make sure that your application doesn’t perform like a snail due to the load. We identify the risks with performance by doing various tests which could be load testing, stress testing, volume testing so that we can plan well for such (un)expected situations.


Now, you have fair enough idea about how we test e-commerce applications. If this doesn’t convince you, then ask us more and we would be glad to help by understanding your pain points! Write to us at sales [at] testinsane [dot] com. Or else use contact us form.

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  1. Good summary of how to test eCommerce web application. I have few clarification in the eCommerce testing, it will be great if you can shed some light on it.

    1) As the request for the e-commerce application comes from a diverse geo location , how do you ensure that you test the website for the distributed load.
    2) If there is a transient cache that is used in the development of the website( such as memcache) , It speeds up the loading time for the web pages , how do we verify this behavior ?
    3) How do we test the slow connection to loading time in the website ?

  2. Im obliged for the blog post.Thanks Again. Cool.

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