We always knew that we were doing great work in software testing as a start-up and we believed in our work. I happened to receive call from Unicom and also an e-mail about the nomination of TestInsane for “Testing start-up of the year 2015” category. I did not respond to the e-mail, but again I received a call from Unicom to know about my decision. I spoke to one of the person from Unicom and I said, “We don’t want to participate in this because we already know that we are insanely awesome in our work and wouldn’t be nice if we don’t win the award”. But, again I gave it a thought and said “YES” for the nomination. We had to talk about our various work at TestInsane so that the jury members could decide on one winner. I was pretty confident that we shall win this award for sure because we had done great work for our customers and also software testing community in terms of open-source contribution by developing apps for testers to help them test better.

And on the day 24-July-2015, at 1700 hours India Testing Awards 2015 event started. It started with awards for various people in different categories of awards and when the time was to announce “TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015”, I could feel goosebumps when TestInsane was announced as winner. I was very happy to receive this award and also we were very quick in getting here.

Thank you Unicom & Next Gen Testing for this award. This is special for us. We continue to do great work and amaze the world. Keep showing us the love :-)

Last, but not least I thank all our team members for making us capable of getting this award. Special thanks to Karthik Kini, Sandeep Tuppad and Ajay S Menon. We are awesome as a cool team.

Below are some pictures taken by me :-)




TestInsane – TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015 (Srinivas on the left is our sales bragger) And the beard guy is Santhosh Tuppad!

TestInsane is the TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015


  1. Cordial Wishes to you guys,

    Anyone who leads an initiative: lean, new product development, strategic planning, New Technology, battles at times with the question of centrality. At some point, someone asks whether the effort which is applied towards the organization is devoting to the initiative is worth it. Is the initiative central to and supportive of the organization. One most salient answer which can be self explanatory that is the “SUCCESS” which is everyone which to get identified by some one.

    “INSANE” are finally got a recognition As “TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015”. On behalf of UNICOM family member I wish you all the very best.

    Best Wishes
    Dilip Kumar

  2. Dear Dilip, Thank you very much for your kind words and best wishes for us. ~ Santhosh Tuppad

  3. Hi Santhosh,
    I am Krishna! Right now I’m working as a Test Engineer in Fujitsu Consulting India – Bangalore. Recently I saw your Test Insane Technologies Private Limited on LinkedIn, seriously its awesome and attractive.Your work culture is very impressive. Great going bro, you guys are rocking. Just thought to share this. My best wishes for the Test Insane group.

    Krishna Prabhu

  4. Hi Santhosh,
    I am Krishna, Right now I’m working as a Test Engineer in Fujitsu Consulting India- Bangalore. Recently, I saw your Test Insane Technologies Private Limited in LinkedIn, seriously its awesome and attractive. Your work culture is very impressive.Great going bro, you guys are rocking. Just thought to share this. My best wishes for Test Insane group.

    Krishna Prabhu

  5. Firstly Congrats to every team member of Test Insane . Your mind maps are awesome . Lot of young and even exp testers can a learn lot from you . Thanks for sharing your Info to the Testing world.
    last but not least @Santosh Tuppad you Rock bro … :)

  6. Congrats @TEstInsane.

  7. Hi Santosh & Team,
    This is Chintan Javia from Ahmedabad. Closely following you guys since your inception. Your mind map is the game changer in Testing industry. Your presentation to convey difficult testing things via mind map made things so simpler. Keep rocking and have best wishes.

    • Santhosh Tuppad: Thank you so much Chintan :-) Would love to help the software testing community in a much bigger way and your kind words add value to the motivation layer of our team work at TestInsane. Have a great time ahead :-)

  8. Dear Santhosh and the team,

    I want to tell you how proud we are of you and your Test Insane team for your outstanding achievement in obtaining the recognition as “TESTING STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2015” at the World Conference Next Generation Testing in Bangalore 2015.

    You must be very happy to achieve this recognition with the hard work you have put. It takes special dedication and perseverance to get through such a great achievement. You deserve to be proud of your achievement.

    We congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to all of us. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.

    Few thoughts about Santhosh…

    I have had the great privilege of knowing Santhosh as self-motivated individual, professional, dedicated, entrepreneur and most importantly as a friend since the time we met at the World Conference Next Generation Testing in Bangalore 2014. Santhosh’s skills and background excel in all possible means: He is highly focused, organized and efficient. Santhosh is very creative and his breadth of knowledge in software testing as a whole is admirable. Santhosh is also an extremely skillful person. I realized how passionate he is about his work; He is very competent in most of the technologies used in the industry. He is very committed to his work as well as an initiative. Santhosh is always available to help when needed. Santhosh has his special skills in identifying the situations and coming up with the Brilliant Solutions.

    Your mind maps are awesome. Thank you ever so much for sharing these mind maps to the testing world. Keep rocking Santhosh and the team…. I wish you all Best for the future endeavours.

    Thanking you.

    Warmest Regards,
    Umanga Buddhini Wackista-aratchie from Sri Lanka.

    • Wow, this is awesome. Thanks so much Buddhini for these kind words which fills in lots of positive energy inside me. We will do more with my team at TestInsane in the coming days for the testing community.

      ~ Santhosh Tuppad

  9. Congratulations to Santhosh and team. The hard work you guys are doing is paying off.

    I appreciate the contribution you have been making for testing community in particular. Keep doing the good work and wish you all many more of such moments.


    • Thanks Lalit :-) We will do more!

  10. […] seems enormous in terms of learning to accelerate a start-up. The moment we were declared as the testing start-up of 2015, we started more aggressively selling our testing services. The way of approach has a lot to do […]

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