QApp Beta - Software Testing Quiz App Logo

QApp Beta – Software Testing Quiz App Logo

Before you start thinking and judging this app, I would love to say that — “THIS IS NOT A FUCKING CERTIFICATION QUIZ“. We believe that QUIZ is one of the way to learn about anything in fun way! I was thinking about quiz app for very long and finally after many years we have it here for the world. This quiz app was developed in order to help software testers learn about various testing ideas / tools / tips / tricks / people & communities and more. This is not a competition, but a learning tool where testers learn about various things and gain knowledge. I personally believe that, a tester can get to know many new things which can help him / her to test better. For instance, testers who do not know “What to search on Google?” this quiz app can be a guide where the options in the multiple choice questions will help the tester with search keywords and learn more. Isn’t this awesome? Yes, it is!


QAPP - Software Testing Quiz - by TestInsane - Made With Love

QAPP – Software Testing Quiz – by TestInsane – Made With Love

There are 500+ questions across,
Web application testing
Mobile application testing
Test Reporting
Bug Reporting
Bug Advocacy
Tools, utilities and web browser add-ons
People & communities
And more

And yes, its responsive. That means you can use it on your Android / iOS etc. devices as well.

The much more beautiful thing about this app is, the questions keep evolving across various topics which can help testers to acquire the knowledge. However, I want to be very blunt in saying that this quiz doesn’t help you to test better; you can test better only after processing the information in the quiz and implementing it in your testing activity. Without implementation & exploration, this information in the quiz app doesn’t help much.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go to (Made with <3)and have fun! And help us spread this by sharing this blog post on your social media pages.

6 comments on “QApp Beta – SOFTWARE TESTING QUIZ APP LAUNCHED – 500+ Questions

  1. I hope you would already have considered the “Signup with Facebook” and/or LinkedIn feature for reaching maximum Testers. :-)

  2. Sure Muzaffar. That’s something that we knew, but we wanted to go live with BETA version. We surely understand the User eXperience related to social media integration for authentication related features. Appreciate your time taken to comment. Version 2 will come with such features. Cheers!

  3. Hey, I do miss the “I don’t know my password” feature on login.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Brother Jokin, In this version we have lots of features which we are pending. In the upcoming version which is tentative again will have more authentication related features :-) Change Password, Forgot Password, Social Media Integration and more! We will evolve over time. Thanks brother for your comment, I appreciate it.

      — Santhosh Tuppad

  4. Nice App. Good for learning. one suggestion is place the question number and progress on each question. Like I want to see a label which says, “Question 4 of 500” . In this way , I will know on which question I am and how many questions are remaining.

    • Hey Mohammad, Thanks man for your feedback. I will consider it in the upcoming version. Have a great time ahead and lets keep rocking the testing community.

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