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We would love to start this blog post by thanking Mr. Tony Buzan who showcased the concept of mind-mapping to the world. We do not want to hype the usage of mind-maps in our testing activity, we see it as good way in specific contexts without comparing to any other way of doing it. It is a gut-feeling of our test team with which they feel they can do great with usage of mind-maps. Be it developing a test strategy for a software or be it using mind-maps for test coverage. One of the beautiful thing about our mind-maps is, we do not allow them to die; we keep them alive by adding more nodes or ideas as and when we get. Mind-map without great content or data is not great! We believe that, the content need to have value while the presentation also needs to rock for the projects that we undertake.

Why do we say “Testing Mindmaps For The World”? Good News!

We were just thinking about, open source tools or utilities that exist in this world; and a thought sparked in our brain circuit and we said, “Why not develop mind-maps in testing across various topics and make them downloadable”. When we say, “downloadable” it doesn’t only mean that you can download READ only format which is the image format, but also the source file which you can edit based on your project context (Example: *.xmind). This is our third contribution to the testing community and it is OPEN SOURCE. We wanted to give out completely without conditions. We love unconditional love.
Software Testing Mindmaps


Building Web-based Application For The Mindmaps Repository

Our team member Karthik Kini started the work on building the web application where we can upload the mind-maps and people can download the mind-maps. We came up with the wishlist feature set like,

  • Mind-map categories like usability testing, healthcare, BFSI testing, accessibility testing, security testing, UI / UX testing and more.
  • Search filters like Most downloaded, most viewed, latest etc.
  • We needed comment feature as well where visitors could add comment which may be “Awesome”, “Thanks for this mind-map”, “It sucks”, “This rocks” and whatever they intend to. Also, not only these kind of comments; but they could initiate the discussion also on the mind-map nodes which could be “Hashing”, or “Encryption” etc.


Where’s the data? (Mindmaps)

Now, you learned about the web application platform for mind-maps; but the question is about where do we start with mind-maps creation of various topics? Here is something insane that we came up with, “We would die soon if we did not have the commitment to keep this platform alive, so we need to dedicate some time in a week so that we are continuously contributing to the community”. Now, this being open source; even people around the world can contribute however, there would be moderation to keep the things neat and maintain the quality. As we still do not know how many people would contribute around the globe, we said to ourselves, “We do not have control on others, but ourselves! So, let us have the commitment and dedicate some time in every week for some mind-maps and the beautiful thing about this is, we will learn a lot while we are creating mind-maps based on various subjects”. Thanks to our team member Jyothi Rangaiah for heading the mind-maps creation activity on various topics of her interest for the launch. Not to forget our other supporters / contributors for the launch, and they are Jasmeet Singh & Mohit Verma. So, now you know how the data gets pumped into our mind-map web app repository.

What Next?

Visit our mind-maps repository at and start browsing and downloading. We are providing MIT license and that means you could do anything with the source that you download.


We do not have control on how the world will use it and whether it will give credits to Test Insane and its contributors. Or people will just use their name by faking without mentioning the credits. So, we can say only one thing and that is, “We have put our efforts to give this to the world before we die! And we request you to mention us and the team wherever possible”. We love to owe credits and even receive them!


Write to and we can talk further!

7 comments on “Software Testing MindMaps For The World

  1. Thanks for initiating this effort,
    I’m just wondering… Hopefully quite soon we will get to a stage where there is a LOT of data there… – So a DB will be useful.
    Now – any Free ALM (XStudio, Squash…) can let us manage that DB probably better than a Mind-Map (after all Tree is one form of mind-map – maybe not colorful enough (or “Sexy Hype” as MM)).
    Instead of building a whole framework from scratch – Why not put the effort on Integrating between Mind-Map presentation tools and these DBs?
    I already had a SaaS version DB of XStudio made for such an effort (but didn’t have the community support to push that forward) (Contributed free storage by XQual on their servers to help the community)
    If you would like to make a joint venture on this for the benefit of the community – give me a call :-)

    @halperinko – Kobi Halperin

    • Wow, this is cool idea. Thanks for this comment :-) I (Santhosh Tuppad) will soon get back to you on this. This looks insanely exciting and would be great feeling to do it for the community.

  2. […] the BIG thing of 2014 was on the way and that was an idea about “Developing software testing mind-maps and uploading them on our own platform of mind-maps repository”. Karthik Kini being the Web […]

  3. I absolutely love this. I have several of them downloaded for my personal use . Good going guys :)

    • Thanks Vivek. We will continue to amaze you with our work! ~ Santhosh Tuppad

  4. Definitely…. i was zero to mindmaps until one day i met you in a conference and then i started following you on various forums. Thats when i understand what value does a mindmap add to a testers life. You guys rock….your mindmap rocks as well

    • Thanks Shailja :-) We will continue to amaze you with our work. Not because the world loves us, but we love ourselves very much and cannot idle 😀 We hate to sleep! We believe that Community and TestInsane co-exist. Keep showing us love! Have a good time ahead.

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