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Our first open-source contribution: HTML Comment Extractor (HCE)

HTML Comment Parser by Test Insane Software Testing Services

We always wanted to give to the testing community and that is why we have a separate dedicated team which makes sure we are consistently giving to the community. It is not that it is a good thing to give to the community, but we feel good by doing so and that is sufficient for us. And anything that we get back from the community is always a bonus for us and makes us feel good too. This is just a start and we shall contribute to the testing community whenever our hearts tell us to give. And we would love to say this, “We make sure we dedicate some time in a day to think of such ideas which can add value to our Software Testing community where testers or developers or managers can get benefited in testing their software.”

Why did we develop HTML Comment Extractor / Parser?

Long back, when we were working on a project on Retail Domain, we saw some sensitive details in the comments (HTML and Javascript) on the client side code of a web application. The comment revealed third-party analytics login credentials and one could easily get the analytics data if they land on these kind of comments. So, we thought of building a utility which could extract the comments from the URL we provide and then it runs through the extracted comments for the sensitive information. And sensitive information is defined by dictionary that has the possible keywords which a tester or a developer or test manager or anyone can define based on the context and the context is what they mean by sensitive information or any information that can help them.

This utility is developed using Python. We thank people responsible for developing this beautiful programming language Python. We also thank our team member Sandeep Tuppad who developed HCE for the testing community and Karthik Kini who got the product page for this utility running up (http://apps.testinsane.com/hce).

A quick overview: Here is pictorial representation of how HTML Comment Parser Utility works?

HTML Comment Extractor Pictorial Representation

For complete guide, use our ReadMe.txt file.
You can download the utility along with source code at http://apps.testinsane.com/hce/

We Love To Help

If you face any difficulties in using it or if you have any ideas, please feel free to share with us and we can work together in building something and giving back to the community if there is a mutual interest. Write to us at welovetohelp@apps.testinsane.com.