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A thousand words are not enough… ~ Deepika Burli

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Deepika Burli is hired by TestInsane to help us with anything related to content-writing which includes Press Releases, Blogging, Drafting stories of team members and more. Here is her experience that she shares in her own writing style. I personally loved the way she writes. Enjoy reading!

Trying to kill time after your undergrad, taking a break to realize your options and trying to do stuff that would just keep you occupied can actually work. At least it did for me. I never had a clue that writing content for just one company would open doors to meeting and writing for people (firms) who would change the way you perceive so many things!

About a month after I started writing content for a friend’s start up, I received a mail from Santhosh Tuppad. I didn’t gather much from the term Exploratory Software Testing, but I did gather this much that he wanted me to write about it, about his company Test Insane and probably other stuff. My first expression was “How the fuck am I supposed to write about anything related to software?” My friend sitting next to me at that time said “If it’s knocking your door, then just cock-up and take it. You’ll anyway learn in the process.”

Deepika Burli - The Content Ninja!

Deepika Burli – The Content Ninja!

Honestly, I thank my stars that I always listen to her, for I found myself sitting in front of Santhosh for about 2 and a half hours at Matteo, talking about everything else but software. That was when I knew I’d be an idiot to not try this out!

Exactly a week later, I landed up in this small, endearing workplace in Jayanagar (a place I’ve never braved exploring before… but by now I was convinced that there’s always a first time!). “So this is where brainiacs decode the world of bugs” was the only ignorant thought running through my mind while I shook hands with Sales Daddy Srinivas “Srini” Bharadwaj (I call him that ‘coz he loves his job and he loves being a dad) and Insane tester Sandeep Hiremath, who brags about doing the most fortunate thing by joining Test Insane.

While having a rather long and chatty conversation with them we were joined by Sandeep Tuppad, another obsessive tester and a passionate traveler (a cyclist and mountaineer to be specific). Although it took him a cup of tea to actually open up his Pandora’s box – a silent player’s always the one with crazy ideas!

While in conversation with Pranav KS probably the youngest in the team, I realized that this company doesn’t work on the basis of how experienced one is but on the basis of how passionate one is, to learn, explore and improve. Pranav, without doubt is a rockstar in the making.

While I didn’t have much of a conversation with the VP of Test Insane, Karthik Kini (again, a very silent player), I did find a connection with his hometown and fell in love with his idea of establishing the same organization back there only because of the serenity one can work with in a place as tranquil as Udupi!

I’ve been told there’s another member whom I unfortunately couldn’t meet, Ajay S Menon. He’s been bragged about by his team mates to be a star creative head at Test Insane, who works from anywhere he likes.

Finally, coming to the man himself, Santhosh Tuppad can hold the most uncommon conversations which end up making sense all the time. He eased me into the ideology of his entire establishment, his victories, his career history that he has learnt a lot from and more than anything, his outlook about everything big or small defines not just him but also the company he so fondly founded.

When asked for an interview as a new member (although on a freelance basis) of Test Insane, I thought it would be fitting to pour my first impression of the company out as a blog post. For a little about me, I’m a Graduate with a degree in Journalism and a passion for writing which still needs a lot of improvisation! I’m on a short break from everything related to studies to just explore stuff (like meeting insane, crazy testers ;-)) that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d been sitting in a classroom right now.

So here I am, enjoying writing every word of this insanely huge post (sorry for that) leaving no page unturned in expressing how delighted I am to join Test Insane as their Content Writer.