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Do you hate nightmares? If you do, then please continue reading it as you are possibly one of the target audience for security testing services. Typically, many start-ups or organizations do not test their software for security. Most of the times organizations are only bothered about functional aspects, while; usability & accessibility are used as add-ons (UK and US customers).  Long ago, there were very few hackers in 90s however, nowadays we have handful of them who always want to breach the security for whatsoever reasons. Irrespective of any reason, as an organization it is important to safeguard the sensitive data.

At TestInsane, we thrive for excellence in security testing and we have hand-picked ethical hackers from the industry across India. We are mix of tool-assisted and brain-assisted ethical hackers who are always in hunt for security vulnerabilities. We accept the fact that, there cannot be fool-proof secured applications, but better tested applications where we make a better effort in building a wall against the hacks from unethical hackers.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Here is a questionnaire for you to decide if you need security testing services,

  • Can you afford to lose your customers?
  • Can you afford to lose to your competitors?
  • Can you afford to have down-time?
  • Can you afford to have bad reputation via social media?
  • Can you afford to get sued?
  • Can you afford to pay hefty amount for hosting for non genuine usage? (Cash overflow attack)
  • Can you afford to go out of business based on critical vulnerabilities?
  • Can you afford to face the questions by media?
  • Can you afford to face lawsuit?
  • Can you afford to have negative propaganda about your company / brand?
  • Do you care for the privacy of your customers data?

If the majority answers were “NO”, then you are eligible to get your software tested for security.

Many businesses know to make business, but at times fail to maintain the business and incur a bigger loss. One aspect where your business can go haywire is when your software is not tested for security.

Our customers have been happy with our security testing services for web and mobile both. Here is one of the testimonial from our customer and it goes like this,

iMentor is a non-profit organization based in New York City. It builds mentoring relationships that empower students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. In other words, iMentor is an organization with a mission to improve the lives of young students, and in the fall of 2014, Test Insane helped iMentor fulfill that mission.

I first spoke with Santhosh and Karthik via Skype and knew right away that they would be our amazing new security team for the web app at iMentor. This web app runs the mentorship program for 10,000 mentors and mentees across the US, and it must be a secure environment for them. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible. These guys were hungry for the project and even described themselves as “lions before the feast”! We began immediately and had no trouble integrating their work into the work of the broader web app team at iMentor.

In particular, I appreciated the desire of Santhosh and Karthik to go beyond the boundaries of the security project and improve the iMentor web app in any way possible. They found bugs in its functionality, made suggestions about its UI, and gave insight into their experiences as new users. All of this passion and expertise coalesced into a solid month of work with a prioritized list of security issues, recommendations for their resolutions, and the aforementioned improvements.

We’re thrilled to make Test Insane our security team and were impressed with the wide range of skills Santhosh and Karthik offered beyond security. Thanks so much from iMentor!

Ben Robinson, Product Manager

Does this convince you? If it doesn’t then we can discuss about how we can make this happen & rock together! Write to me at st@testinsane.com


Security Testing At Its Best At Test Insane Technologies

If you are thinking of outsourcing your security testing for your web app to some software testing company, you are reading the right blog post. This blog post is not myth buster or marketing ploy or grab a project thingy. We just wanted to speak what we are good at.

Security Testing at Test Insane is not a tool-smith job or some crappy work. For instance, our founder Santhosh Tuppad and our VP, Web Apps Testing Karthik Kini are the two cool guys who would be testing for security if you are outsourcing security testing of your web app to us. Now, SanthData Theft - Web App Security Testingosh comes with great experience in hacking and he had his first hack when he was 16. Today, he creates awareness in testers across India by conducting free security testing workshops. And on the other hand, Karthik Kini comes with extensive experience in developing web apps for over 8+ years and brings in different perspective to security testing where he writes cool exploits and showcases them to the customers to build a strong report or impact so that the vulnerabilities are taken seriously and then are fixed.

Now, it may be difficult for you to decide about outsourcing based on what we say above; in such case how about reading a testimonial from one of our customer for whom we performed security testing for web app? Go to https://testinsane.com/testimonials.html#Ben_Robinson and read it.

What elements do we test for your web app? Well, OWASP Top 10 is always on the list and we performed great on one of the security testing project where we found 7 vulnerabilities out of OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. That was awesome and made our customer and us so happy! However, the beautiful thing is about going beyond OWASP Top 10 and making sure that we have tested most of the security aspects of your web app. We build tests based on the web app, business logic and many other attributes. We hate data theft, denial of service, unauthorized access and lot more stuff as much as our customers do.

What makes us great at web app security testing? Well, mind-set and skill-set are two crucial ingredients that makes our security testing great. Also, testers and developers of web apps working together to find vulnerabilities is something that we tried and tested. And the result was cool as we found 7 vulnerabilities out of OWASP Top 10.

More information about our security testing services for web application or mobile web application can be found at https://testinsane.com/security-testing-services.html

Not convinced? We can speak more secrets through e-mails. Write to sales@testinsane.com and we would love to help you!