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RESTful Test Endpoints – Test The Unexpected Behavior

RESTful Test Endpoints Representation

We were testing a mobile app which had various APIs, and now our test idea was to test for; “How does our app handle various endpoint responses like 400, 404, 500 and others apart from 200 OK status message?” Example: If you were testing a web application and you see 500 Internal Server Error with some other details and then you report it to the developer, and then the developer reverts to you saying, it is working fine now and he / she is not able to reproduce it. Then, you refresh the 500 Internal Server Error Page, unfortunately or fortunately it works! Now, you keep on trying for many hours to see that message, but you don’t! This was the problem that we were facing and we came up with the idea of developing our own API(s) which could help us to test for endpoint responses while we simulate different types of endpoint responses forcibly in order to see how our app code handles it. Note that, this can be used for Web Application Testing or Mobile App Testing or wherever you want to know how endpoint responses are handled by your app code. We just used Mobile app as an example to help you understand the context.

Where it can be used?

Prototyping : During early stage of your app development where you do not have LIVE API or Server, you could run these kind of tests to get the early feedback of how your app handled such scenarios.

Unit Testing: It can be used by developers who can call our APIs to test various scenarios.

Check Automation: You can call our APIs with different HTTP status codes like 500, 404, 400 etc. to see how your app code handles these things so that you are sure, what will be displayed to your users / customers.

Last, but not least; you can use it wherever you see the need or an idea.


RESTful Test Endpoints Representation

RESTful Test Endpoints Representation Representation

Visit RET’s page at http://apps.testinsane.com/rte/ for more details.

We Love To Help

If you face any difficulties in using it or if you have any ideas, please feel free to share with us and we can work together in building something and giving back to the community if there is a mutual interest. Write to us at welovetohelp@apps.testinsane.com.