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Its been very short time since we started. We never thought that world would start loving us and hating us for what we are doing. We have lovers and haters around the world. Yes, we say that in very much BOLD way. Many people around us doubted us, they thought we are foolish and stupid enough to be running a startup like Test Insane. We thank our lovers and haters both, because you motivate us and you push to our limits in terms of contributing to the Software Testing world and community. And every time you push us to reach the limits, we say —

FUCK, let’s increase our limits to do more insanely fucking awesome.

Many people told us, “Run your startup in this way and you can make more money”. And I was like, “I did not start Test Insane along with my cool team members to chase money, I know why I started!” We are here to shake the brains of Software Testing community with our work. If we wanted to make MONEY, we wouldn’t have chosen our PASSION; but anything else which could be our cash cow. HELL with the MONEY, we are here for a REASON and that REASON is “BEING HAPPY BY DOING WHAT WE LOVE TO” and that’s our vision. We love simple things in life and we wanted a simple vision. People laughed at us for the kind of vision we had, but that was funny for us because “It is our vision and that vision is not about people”. Period!



  • We love to push the human race forward.
  • We want to make the lives better around us.
  • We want to give back to the testing community through our open source contribution.
  • We believe that we can do awesome when we have freedom.
  • We believe that the world is beautiful with LOVE
  • We love to share the love and that’s when we are happy!
  • We exist because we believe that we will be GREAT and we do not want to be AVERAGE!
  • We exist because it is not ONLY about Testing for us, it is about LIVING to the FULLEST!
  • Because there is so much sloppy testing in this world that only knows to make MONEY!
  • We exist because TECHNOLOGY seduces us.
  • We believe that there are no game changers, but game creators. We are here to create.
  • We exist because of the simple reason that WE EXIST and WE SHOUT LOUDER.


In short, world cannot ignore us no matter they love us or hate us. Because we are UNSTOPPABLE in terms of great work which we do. We are not just doers, but enablers.

Want to work with us? Got insanity? Visit our careers page.


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Get more at Test Insane

Get more at Test Insane

This is purely a marketing blog post which speaks the facts about our skills and testing services business.


People ask us, why your pricing is less? And our answer has been, we admit that we want to make money, however; that’s not in the top priority. More or less are relative words and something that is less to the whole world and be more for us and we are happy with it. The value that we want to deliver to our customers through testing needs to be immense and has to make the customer feel the immense value instead of we just saying it here in our blog. We strive hard to bring a happy feeling for our customers. [And already we have brought smile on our customers – See https://testinsane.com/testimonials.html]

To know what is LESS pricing, you may want to contact us so that we can understand your context better and answer your queries. Let us get to know each other better!


People at our start-up are all hard core techies. These are the people who chose computers over others because they found the LOVE for computers. From knowing “How web works?” to “How keyboard works? or How servers / databases work?” our test team rocks the work. What makes us special is, technical skills which is our top priority at work. People usually say, “Attitude first and skill-set next”; somehow, we love to say this, “Skill-set first and everything else next”. By saying this, we are not compromising over attitude, but emphasizing on how much we care for technical skills which are important for a software tester or any technology maniac or a geek.


Now, these are not the developers who were trained on some tool and were called as “Developers in Test”. We have a unique or a different definition from the world and here it goes, “These are the hard-core developers who work on building applications and they are also involved in writing code for check automation which could be in Selenium or Ranorex or Windows autoit. Automation is about writing code, well developers write code. Look at how we bridge the gap and allow people to do what they love to instead of forcing someone into something else which we hate!


At Test Insane, testing style  is exploratory and our testers understand what it means to be an exploratory tester (Yes, its mind-set and skill-set). We practice testing consistently and we believe that anything that we practice, we become good at it. We are not typical testers you may find in any other part of the world in most of the companies, but we are insane as in crazy, passionate about what we do. And not to forget that, testers here rock every session when they are on SBTM (Session based test management) activity. We would like to say this, it’s not a question about jazzy things, it’s not a question about how many bugs we find, it’s not a question about skills; but value. And we want to do everything and anything for our customers to add immense value to their business.


We have dart board, remote controlled helicopter, board games and what not! Well, we wanted to focus on learning culture instead of fun culture. Wait! Learning is FUN for us and it’s still fun culture at Test Insane. We invest in the learning, making money is so boring if we don’t invest it back in the learning of our people. We make sure we have a budget for learning activity. It could be books, or subscription from PluralSight to learn something important which helps us to test better or buying a software license and so on. So, what takes us high? Technically speaking, its alcohol; and our alcohol is learning!


Here is something our friend Jari Mikael Laakso said about our open source contribution and that should convince you.

“I’ve been following Test Insane since they started. In a matter of few months, they have contributed to the community more than most companies deliver in years. HTML Comment Extractor, RESTful Test Endpoints, and their MindMaps are great initiatives; and this is just the beginning! I’m looking forward to build business with them in order to support their quest to release new free tools for software testers around the world.”

Visit http://apps.testinsane.com/ to see our contributions.


In our experience, we have seen that whenever there is a hiring people give more value to attitude and then skills. They believe that, skills can be mastered with attitude. Yes, we believe that; but somehow our hearts beat for skill-set first and attitude next. At TestInsane we value skill-set over attitude. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about attitude, but our it carries less weight compared to skill-set while we make hiring decision.


We want to be your testing partners and not just vendor. We want to work closely with our customers in order to solve the pain points that our customers may have. And that’s what makes us solutions providers as well. Not necessarily our customers need to highlight the problems, we identify them on our own and surprise our customers with our solutions. We are here to solve testing problems.


When we say amazing, we mean amazing. Testing need not be only reporting bugs, but includes providing feedback about the features from a business point of view if that makes sense to our customers. At TestInsane, you find people who test, who write code, who give feedback about UI / UX and what not. Everything at one place! Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, of course it is! So, what are you waiting for, lets talk now! Contact us.


In the end, we humans want to be happy and that’s when the life is complete. We give priority to that and we do anything & everything to make our customers happy through our testing services.

Write to us at sales@testinsane.com.  I (Santhosh Tuppad) always keep  refreshing and checking my mailbox on my iPhone. So, you can expect a reply very quickly.