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Bridging The Gap Between Testers And Developers To Test Better

RESTful Test Endpoints Representation


Often we see the debate on software testing forums and other social media platforms like twitter, LinkedIn and others where testers speak about “Testers must code”, “Testers need to learn a scripting or a programming language” and other kind of statements. We never want to get into such debates or group discussion as we are clear with what we need to do at Test Insane and collectively do better in testing a software.


We at Test Insane Software Testing Services have team of exploratory software testers who focus on learning to test better while we also have passionate developers who come with extensive experience in programming. Now, there are several things we learn together which is mutual benefit to our customers and us! Our developers help in building test frameworks, tiny utilities, check automation continuous integration implementation, and finding bugs as well from the code review. And they also learn some of the aspects from our exploratory testers about what doesn’t work well and our developers even come up with the counter-measure. There have been times when we have given the fixes in the bug reports, we do not hesitate to give the fixes even though our customers didn’t ask for it, because we believe that we are helping our customers and we will do everything and anything to test the software better and collectively make a faster progress.


Developers and Testers Together in Testing

Developers and Testers Together in Testing



At Test Insane, we love to utilize the skills instead of forcing someone to do something which they hate to or do not like to! We identify the areas in which our team is great at and we help the team nurture the skills which they are good at. The intention is to do better testing and well, we are doing it by having developers and testers together instead of saying, “Testers must code”. We proudly say, “Testers Must Test” and “Developers Must Code” while we use the combo of both and rock testing activity for our customers. We unite and we rock! We do not like a basketball player practicing cricket as well! The world is beautiful when people follow their heart and do what they love to! Having said that, if there is a person who likes to test and code; we would encourage him to do so because that’s what he / she loves to do. Follow your heart and stay happy!


We see that developers generally not respecting testers as they are poorly skilled and not being credible. Some of the statements by developer could be (At least what we have seen in India), “Oh, you just test it man; I have to fix it which is challenging”, “Testing is easy and anyone can do it man” and many other statements which are demotivating or discouraging. Well, we will not deny those comments from a developer because testers with whom he / she is working do not have good enough skills and it is fair enough in that context (There is no generalization)!

Now, the culture at Test Insane is insane! We never felt testers and developers work in an isolated fashion. Till date, we do not feel he / she is a developer or a developer feeling “he / she is a tester”. We see it as a one team who rock the work. Everyone in our team respects each other irrespective of what role they are playing. That’s what makes an insane team. As Test Insane has skilled testers and developers, there are no negative comments because everyone understands the credibility of a team member.

Culture is important and in the context of Test Insane, this idea works where we bridge the gap between developers and testers in testing to help the customer by testing better. In other organizations filled with ego, discouragement, no good enough skills etc. may not work. Sometimes, it is better to keep things separated based on many attributes. It works for us and we are happy working together and we shall continue to do so!

We build great teams! Want to work in our team? Write to us at iaminsane@testinsane.com explaining why you want to work with is and what makes you insane in computer world! We would like to see the writing in insane format instead of formal way. Let there be attitude!