We love to work with those who love software.

We do not want to work with those who just look at us as any other company for making money. We want to work with those whose heart beats for software testing.

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Work with us

Working with us is fun if you are passionate about testing a software or writing code to automate the checks for a software, and we don’t want to say; working would be difficult if you are not passionate about software testing because you wouldn’t be working with us if you don’t have passion in the first place. Now, speaking about passion is bit tricky; you may feel you are not passionate but you can test better and write good code to automate, then you can still apply and we would love to work with you.

Test Insane is Hiring


  • You are beyond finding bugs like, “Login is not working”.
  • You don’t need test cases or requirement document to test.
  • You understand that its all about the context.
  • You would never mind to learn more beyond functional testing.
  • You know to write fantastic bug reports.
  • You practice testing consistently.


  • People call you nerd.
  • You see yourself as a geek.
  • You have opened the CPU cabinet and explored different components.
  • You have invested your pocket money in buying gadgets.
  • You love to spend time on internet for learning about computers and technology.


  • You would give up everything, but not gaming.
  • You are a night-crawler and loves to play till your mom shouts at you.
  • You just don’t play the game, but you are involved into the character.
  • You were addicted to games like Counter Strike, Burnout Paradise or other games.
  • You were a great gamer during your college days or school days.


  • You are a hacker by blood and not by profession.
  • You love tinkering with HTTP requests, HTTP headers, Monitoring Data Packets and more.
  • You love to confer with hackers in the community or you are a person who loves your own world of hacking.
  • You have been a hacker since your childhood days and not by doing certification in ethical hacking.
  • You know to demonstrate skills instead of just mentioning the tool names.


  • You love to write code because you love to.
  • You believe in writing good code.
  • You believe in optimization of your code.
  • You love to make things simple with your code.
  • You know how to automate web apps.
  • You love technology column in reddit and loves to read programming books or you are a stack overflow guy!

Anyone who loves to grow with us and not just consider us as stepping stone in their career growth.

Note to applicants
If you are applying to just get interview experience and you just want to get some job along with some money and software testing is not your passion, please do not apply! If you have that thought, you are already rejected. We believe in skills, attitude and passion to do things. We are doers and not just speakers. If you have it in you, then we are happy to work with you.