Is your software compliant with compliance?

It may be WCAG for Accessibility, HIPAA and PHI for Healthcare or any other compliance in various industries. If you are not compliant, it is a violation. We are here to help you test for compliance so that you can have sound peaceful sleep.

Compliance Testing Services


Compliances have been framed for serious reasons based on the context. And failing to adhere to the compliance may be a violation based on the laws in specific industry or country. We understand the seriousness of compliance as much as you do. We are here to help you test your software across compliance and make sure you are good to go to market with no disturbance in terms of compliance. Talk to us and we can dig more in order to understand what you are looking for and how can we help you?



  • Is the web app or mobile app compliant with the respective standards or guidelines?
  • Is the healthcare application HIPAA or PHI compliant?
  • Is the web app compliant to WCAG or Section 508 standards?
  • Is the web app security compliant?
  • And many more compliances that most of the web app and mobile app testers fail to test for.


Based on the laws, there may be many serious consequences a company might face because of non-adherence to the compliances. There have been many lawsuits filed against the companies for being non-compliant to the compliances or standards set by the governing body of a specific country or locality. Compliance acts demand you to run the compliance tests if you don't want to have a nightmare or sleepless nights. You are here to make great business without worrying about unnecessary things like lawsuits, getting sued and other evil stuff. Let us handle the counter-measure for the evil stuff while you focus on your business goals and adding value to the world by delivering great software while you also make money.

CASE STUDIES (Source: Web)

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