Introducing the new product?

Make sure your software works functionally well before it is deployed on production through our world-class testing services.

Functional Testing Services


We come with great experience in terms of skills when it comes to testing web applications and mobile applications. We are not the typical testers that you may have seen in other testing services companies who would just end up in typical tests and not really which sounds technical which can be mastered if one loves to learn the deep part of technology. Every moment we crave to learn the technology well so that we can add value to functional testing. We have tremendous zeal towards web and mobile platform.

It ain't easy, but challenging!

Even though the whole world does functional testing as primary testing objective, we have seen that; it is challenging even today for many testers to find non-obvious functional bugs. Starting from test strategy we make sure we are covering various aspects of the software that is under test. Our test design process is the heart of the testing because the kind of tests we generate decide whether we are doing great testing or not. We believe that if the test design is sloppy, so would be our testing. That is why, we treat test designing process as one of the crucial process in our testing. And lastly, we have been testing web applications and mobile apps for many years now and we see web & mobile in a different way compared to other testers out there in the world.


Web functional testing

Usually, the bug reports only speak about “Login is not working”, “Error message is not correct”, “Log out is not working for so and so user role” and others. To us, these are regular functional bugs and at Test Insane, our testers will impress you with non-obvious functional bugs which most of the testers in the world may not find.

Our approach is to divide feature set so that we know the test coverage. We add-on our extensive tests even to the smallest feature which could be a plain file upload feature. We can think of numerous tests for file upload alone instead of just trying out upload and some boundary tests. Usually, most or almost all testers lack the test data which helps in data coverage aspect; it is very rare that someone would test your web form for arabic or chinese characters to see how the server handles the data and renders on the front-end.

We are fans of open source tools and also we love to develop our own tiny utilities in order to do better web application testing. We have web developers who can do lots of magic through their code to aid our test teams to perform better at web app testing. And guess what, we have web developers in the team who bring in different perspective to testing to add value. We combine web developers and web testers to do great functional testing in terms of black-box and white-box as well.

In short, we make sure that your web application works functionally well like buttery smooth before you Go Live!

Mobile functional testing

We are putting an end to the traditional way of testing mobile apps. When we say traditional it refers to, "Even some kids testing for functional flows and it doesn't really require engineers". We value the word "Engineer" and its more than the child's play! Our testers just don't play with the tests on the surface of your mobile app, but they add value to it in terms of understanding the architecture which helps them to identify the design issues and architectural failures in terms of functionality. We know what an activity means in android, we say this to emphasize on the technical detailed aspects of mobile operating systems. We love kernel because that's where we can understand the platform better and that helps us to test your app better.