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Like lions love to hunt, we love hunting for bugs in software and it lives in our blood. We have been passionate about computers for many years now and our heart beats for testing the software. Be it web, mobile, embedded, electronic gadget or any freaking app that runs on the computer program; we love to do multitude of tests in order to help our customers do better in terms of achieving their business goals.



We are the firm believers of exploratory testing and we believe that it is challenging to do exploratory testing as it demands skill-set and mind-set. We love exploratory testing style as it gives great feeling for us and freedom to test the software in a better way compared to traditional scripted approach. Now, we do not say that we are not using scripted approach at all, but use more of exploratory testing and less of scripted wherever it helps. The key is to balance exploratory and scripted approach to suit the context. We have been doing exploratory testing extensively on web applications and mobile applications for ages now and we track our learning well to help ourselves to test better! Like they say, "Change is the only constant", we practice more because every day we see new additions in terms of software, technologies and all of them posing newer challenges to test. And beautiful thing is we love these frequent changes as we love to take up the challenges like warriors of testing.

Test coverage using mind-maps

Mindmaps have proved that they are great way to develop test strategy, test designing and test coverage. We love mind-maps and you can see our love for them from our open-source testing mindmaps repository . Thanks to Mr. Tony Buzan for introducing this concept to the world. We don’t like plain mind-maps, we see that we use markers, illustrations, status symbols and lot more to make it more interactive and beautiful in terms of presentation. We believe that, mind-map content and presentation rocks when combined, just like functional testing and UX testing combined together.


Out of all the testing services companies out there in the market, it may be confusing for you to decide, "Whom to outsource the testing project?" And every software testing services company says the same thing on their website. Now, we can't convince you with words because everyone says that same, but there is something that we can do to convince you which is credible way of doing it. And that is "with demonstration of our testing skills"! Our library at our company premises is filled with technical books and nothing can make us happy than technical books. Be it a book by Cem Kaner "Testing Computer Software" or "Ghost in the Wires" by Kevin Mitnick, we love technical books to the core. And our developers are always passionate about learning new things in the programming language of their choice. What can be more cool to work with a team of testers and developers who believe in learning and give great importance to learning to do better testing. We win with learning and our customers win when we apply our learning.


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Finally, we understand TESTING & OUR CUSTOMERS!

We love to say this, "We are not DIFFERENT, but UNIQUE". And we stand-by our philosophies and ideologies about Software Testing for a Better World in Technology. We are here to push the human race forward in technology. Not satisfied? Want to talk more?

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